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Sony NW-A85x Series - Need answers to my questions.

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Hello everybody, I was after the Sony NW-A85x walkman but couldn't find a few specific information i needed. So if anyone who owns or even knows anything and is able to answer my questions it will be extremely appreciated.


This walkman apparently has two models: a japanese model; and an international model.


My questions are:

  1. Will both of these models work on a US version of Windows, Windows 7 64 bit to be exact. I remember them have the japanese model region locked to japanese windows for the A84x series, or at least that is what they told me so i am hoping they removed that for the a85x series.
  2. Kind of a follow up question, but are they still using SonicStage for their players? Or will i be able to drag and drop my files nowadays?


If anyone else has anything bits of information to share that would also be very much welcome.


Also if anyone who actually has the japanese model can confirm it works on a US version of windows that would be awesome. Mainly because i can then get a larger capacity version.



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Based on experience with my japanese A847, it works on English Windows (I both have systems with W7 and XP) and they can be read through usb mode. I just drag and drop files on to the player. Hope that helps.

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Thank you drewandthecrew.


Would you happen to know if you have the japanese model or international model?


They both only display japanese so it can be a little confusing, but if there is a label or anything of the sort to discern between which model you have that would really help a lot.

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You can use the Japanese version with western Windows versions no problem.

Drag and drop is available to transfer files, but you might have to install eastern language support to display the Sonic Stage program properly.

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Thank you very much tk3.

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I'm also interested into a Japanese version, but ain't it too hard to use it in Japanese?


Is the menu obvious enough to be used without understanding the Kanji?


Thanks in advance for your help (and sorry to use your topic :p)

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Just to give a heads up i can read some japanese but i think you would be fine even without knowing any.


The a85x has eight of the nine a84x home menu icons and uses the same icon picture as well.


I've included a link to the a84x's manual if you want to familiarise yourself with it.



As for four new buttons of the a85x series. From the following link:


They are #2, #9, #10, and #12.

#2 - basically a smart playlist of sorts. You have to set it up from what i have read.

#9 - a voice recorder.

#10 - japanese platform for music related distribution. Says exclusive to Japan but i'm not sure how they lock it down so chances are it will not work unless you find a way to install the provided software.

#12 - is a playlist and replaces the a84x 'go to video playback screen' home menu button.


I hope this helps.

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