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Custom IEM drivers

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I live in Israel and I have found a few hearing aid companies that appear t make custom IEMs as well

If i can order from them , that would save me a lot of money on customs and i will get the IEMs done faster with less trouble (like international mail)

But i am wondering what BA drivers are they actually using...

From the UE/JH audio and several other sites I couldn't figure out who actually makes the drivers for their molds

They might be using the cheapest drivers they can find, in which case the customs will sound worse than my regular IEMs (cx400, monster turbine).

In other words, is there a way to make sure the drivers the Israeli firms are using any good?

Or is it the structure of the mold that sets the IEM sound quality?

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There are very good sounding balanced armature drivers, and there are those that doesn't sound quite as good for music - that is because some BA drivers are not designed for music. Even if that hearing aid company is using BA drivers from the same companies that supply BA driver to UE, Westone or JH, there is no guarantee the IEM will sound just as good. It is all about which actual BA drivers they are using and how good their tuning is. To answer your question in simple term: No, I don't think you can judge SQ by looking at what BA driver they are using.

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somebody requested some details, so..

I am talking about 3 specific companies:


Apparently they work with Shure or reshell universals (


Looks like they are cooperating with UE, but possibly only for making the initial molds


they state that they are making the IEMs themselves, using Knowles BA drivers


I currently have monster turbine, i think the next step should be triple BA drivers, preferably customs.

I ws considering the UE TF10, but it looks like i better skip the universals and get entry level customs instead

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