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Never tried the Bose but I own a pair of Klipsch and they sound very good, the sound is very detailed. I like to use EQ in my office's computer (where I keep the Klipch) and I can wear them for hours without problems. They are light and good looking, come with 6.3 and airplane adapters all inside a semi-hard case. The only con is that they are kind of fragile, I damaged the 3.5mm plug and had to replace it, in the process I lost the mic function but I don't use it anyway. I've read that there are some falsifications, so maybe the Image One II is a safer bet now.

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imho the klipsch i1 are a bit underrated in these parts. they're definitely not competitive with the >$200 audiophile-grade sennheiser/grado cans, nor do they aspire to uncolored, crystalline accuracy, but for what they are-- easy-to-drive, consumer-oriented phones for people who like loud music--i think they're very good. compared to the their mass-market peers--beats solo, bose, sony, urbanears, marshall, etc.--they have surprisingly detailed highs to go with the big bottom end+at the current street price (around $50) a real bargain. very comfortable as well.

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They're both hogwash


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Image One is light on the head and is fairly comfortable but because is over the ear, it is quite hot on your ears if you wear it over an hour especially on a hot and humid day. The sound is pretty good if you like a heavier bass but is not overpowering so overall it's quite balanced. I really enjoyed listening to music where there is lone drum beats, you can feel the deep vibrations of the drum.

But I must say I had bad experience with Image One Bluetooth version which I once owned. The bluetooth is a big let down. The set that I had lasted me for only 2 months before the bluetooth died on me and I had it exchanged (thanks to the 2 years warranty) for a new set but to my horror again the bluetooth died after a week! Eventually, I gave up with bluetooth and accepted the offer from Klipsch Agent to exchange this time with their latest Status headphone that is not bluetooth.

So if you intend to get a Image One headphone go for the wired set. Personally, I think there is certainly a problem with the bluetooth functionality and I suspect that it might be the reason why Klipsch discontinued with this model.
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