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Well over a year and a half in the making. With the increase demand on IEM replacement cables, I have created a new product made with UP-OCC 26awg cryo'd stranded copper that will satisfy copper listeners AND provide a well value product and not sacrifice performance!!


Introducing my new TWcu 26 OM cable! OM stands for over mold which means I have my wire professionally over molded directly to the earpiece pins. This highly flexible, beautiful looking copper wire IEM replacement cable has all of the rich warm attributes that copper has to offer while adding INCREDIBLE details, wide open soundstage and a well match solution to todays high energy IEMs.



26awg high stand count 


Highly Pure!

Cryogenically treated by Cryoparts 

Custom made insulation that provides flexibility, durability and sound performance





Connector options:


Standard pricing (no additional charge)

3.5mm Small Viablue

3.5mm Viablue

3.5mm Switchcraft

3.5mm Switchcrat right angle

3.5mm Neutrik right angle


Upgrade options

3.5mm Oyaide Rhodium straight - $30

3.5mm Oyade Rhodium right angle - $30

6.3mm Carbon Fiber

4pin Balanced XLR Neutrik - $15

4pin Balanced Carbon fiber custom made - $40

2x3pin Balanced Carbon Fiber - $30


Length Options and Pricing.

48" - $219

64" - $249


This product is in stock!!


Please contact Craig at for any questions. 

You may order this cable here:







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