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I think you'll really enjoy the Grados. I would push your budget to the Grado SR225i. I know it's a bit more. But you get pretty much everything great about Grado with some more punch in the low frequency to make it a lot better at everything you throw at it. Only problem is that it's double your budget. But they way I see it, if you're gonna drop money on a headphone, you might as well drop enough and get one that will satisfy the most needs. So, I can't recommend enough when you're only going for one headphone, and wanting a Grado, to simply not pass go and go directly to the SR225i.


Or, get the SR80i and add the big L-Cush pads to turn them into cups if budget simply cannot be budged. Here's some SR80's for $65 right now. Probably your best bet. Just get some L-Cush pads and call it a day there.


If leaking is an issue at all, then you'll have to go closed-cup. In that arena, for the price range you have, the Shure 440, M50 (bassier) or A700 (less bassier), HD448, ZX700, FA-003 (if you can stretch budget a bit up).


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