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So you guys convinced me to get the 7509HD headphones, especially after researching it, it looks amazing. I just didn't know that headphone existed till you guys told me about it. How about the open headphone, the Sennheiser HD595 or the ATH-AD700? 

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The MDR-7509HD is a terrific headphone - I've enjoyed my pair a lot and I always use it for travel.

As for an open can, look for a used Sennheiser HD-600, around $200. One of the best out there, period. Check the reviews and appreciation threads.
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HD600 requires a more powerful amp than his E7, like an M-Stage, which takes the headphone significantly out of his budget.

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Yeah I wish I could get the HD600 but it requires too much power frown.gif. And I don't have an amp yet, I was wondering if the fiio e7 was a good amp and if I should get it for my Macbook Pro and if it goes well with the headphones that I should be purchasing soon. You guys have been a great help and I really didn't expect this much help so quickly 

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So I finally got the Sony MDR-7509HD and I am loving it. I am finding it to be a little lighter on the bass then I was expecting it to be but I researched about it and it looks like it need to be pushed properly for it to show its true potential. I love the clarity on these and I absolutely love them. Thank you guys for your recommendations. I was wondering if you guys knew what amp I should get, cause I was researching and I found the UHA-4 or the fiio e10 to be good for their price but was wondering if they could push the MDR-7509HD properly or which one of the two would do it the best. Should I take this question to the portable amp forums? I just didn't want to create another thread if I didn't have to. Thanks again guys for your help smily_headphones1.gif

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Zo 2 for bass boost? Works as an amp (has higher output than the E11 apparently) and is about a week away from being released. Modest price of $100 pre-ordered. It's getting pretty popular around Head-Fi.


Reviews of the Zo 1



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Thanks for your response rezel.

Do you think that this would push my MDR-7509HD properly? I just want to get the most out of these and I don't know if it would be better to get an amp, dac, or a "portable subwoofer".

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

HD600 requires a more powerful amp than his E7, like an M-Stage, which takes the headphone significantly out of his budget.

Would a Zo.2 drive an HD600?


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