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Would you wear full sized headphones with a coiled cable in public? - Page 2

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Personally, I like the look of the M50's coiled cable anyways. Doesn't really look like a telephone cord and instead looks more high-quality.

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I have worn my hfi 580 in public.



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Just do it!  Personally, I have worn Grados in public, but never anything with a coiled cord; however, I'm too old and ornery to care what others may think.  

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It's like painting your hair green and going outside. It's your hair, you can do whatever you want with it.

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I quite happily wear both my SRH440s (coiled cable) and AD900s (huge) in public.


In pont of fact, paired with the right pair of sunglasses, I am of the opinion that big, black headphones can make you look like a badass. Or in the case of the coiled cable 'phones, a DJ - and ladies love a DJ... beyersmile.png

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I wear my DJ1 in public every single day..

O.k i get some strange looks but i don't care..

Music is a way of life and you should enjoy it as much as you can...



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Originally Posted by MalVeauX View Post



I run the cable down the collar of my shirt, under the shirt, into my pocket to my portable setup. I don't care what the cable looks like.


Then again, I don't care if people see I'm wearing big cables and headphones. I like it. The only thing I won't wear in public is a badly designed, ugly, headphone. Like Sony XB series. Otherwise, get out there and represent.


Very best,

This. Took the words right out of my mouth.


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do it all the time. i take my shure srh840 everywhere.

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As long as the headphones aren't hillariously gaudy, they look rather cool out in public.


Before my Sansa died, I used to wear my XB700s out quite a bit. I actually thought they looked interesting, as well they made a statement... I am serious about music. At that time, the XB700s just came out, so they were still a bit pricey. I have worn my m50s out too, but they look like Studio/DJ monitors, even from afar, so I never thought anyone would think they were too strange. To be truthful, they have a brutalist elegance, so if anything, you appear to be a professional... and what has been posted recently: There is a certain attraction to DJs. atsmile.gif <-- AudioTechnica smiley


Headphones like the M50s are a fashion conscious answer to the Dre Beats... since you will have that urban wasteland warehouse DJ look.

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Originally Posted by BournePerfect View Post

Be your own man.



Indeed, I rock my Sony XB700's in public all the time [and I think they are pretty smexy]! And they are a great conversation starter... people ask me all the time"where'd you get them" and I do get compliments every now and then! Plus when I get my XB1000 I'll b sure to keep them in eye's view 24/7


So A coiled cable would be just as cool imo!

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I saw a guy with m50's on the train. It doesn't look to bad, you just put the coil in your pocket. I'm more of an IEM person when it comes to commuting though :).

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I keep the coiled part and my amp inside my backpack. I'll go to school with the nerdiest looking portable setup before I roll in with skullcandies on. gs1000.gif

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I've worn my AKG K240 MKII's (freaking enourmous) with the 3m long cable outside, and although i get some strange looks, the fact is, my sound quality is far superior to my peers Beats or Skullcandys XD

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Before i got my IEMs i used to wear my SR-80s with the couple coiled up and held together with a wire tie. I am sure people thought it looked weird. But after hearing those headphones for the first time i couldn't go back to regular earbuds. From time to time i wear my HD-280s around campus with the coiled cord hanging out from underneath my shirt


So if you like how the headphones sound wear them wherever you can.

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Originally Posted by sherrybearlove View Post

JUST order the ATH M50s for $90 off of ebay (the seller had 100% positive feedback too and seemed to develop a rep selling M50's). First pair of headphones over $50 and I mainly bought them for the sound, design, and "portability". However, I've never seen anyone with a coiled cable in public before and I'm starting to wonder if it was a bad idea. xD Just wondering, has anyone worn a full size headphone w/ coiled cable in public before and how was your experience? :P

I'm old and don't care about the headphone aesthetics and taste of others.  Hell--many of them "make" me look at their Beats.  As long as it works well for me and sounds great, the rest does not matter.


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