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Time for a new LD MKIII contribution smily_headphones1.gif


I received a pair of 6N6P-IR tubes, 1974 from the old Novosibirsk plant.


Compared to the 6N6P-I, these are politer in the treble, mids and bass are similar. I get the impression, they are a little more detailed, so you could imagine the spacial dimensions of heads and instruments better, somewhat more organized in presentation. I'd pair the 6N6P-IR rather with brighter presentation tubes than "tuby" ones like M8100  "no label, O-getter". For me, I'll keep them on my short list for system matching and the non-fatiguing signature is enjoyable, but for now the 6N6P-I will find their way back into the socket rolleyes.gif

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Quick question, how do you change the tubes? Firm tug?

Do they need biasing after?

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Originally Posted by KettyKrueger View Post

Quick question, how do you change the tubes? Firm tug?
Do they need biasing after?

I always do a gentle circular motion while pulling the tubes up, that gets them out nicely. Then do the same circular motion and push back down to get them back in. The little dot is a self biasing amp. 

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Hi AC11,


I always wanted to know how the IR tubes sound - thanks for your evaluation. The R stands for increased reliability and mechanical ruggedness.

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Thank you, sir.
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Having a slight issue with my MKIII. I've got my Mac on full volume, and the MKIII on about 8/10 and it still isn't terribly loud.

I've got the switches set to ON/OFF to match my DT990-250.

Should I crank the gain up?
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Double post, my bad.
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Hi KettyKrueger,


Try increasing the gain to +5 dB: switch 1 on, switch 2 off.

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Thanks for that. I've just realised my system volume was quiet low, despite my iTunes volume being at max. I do wonder how I make it through the day sometimes rolleyes.gif
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Looking to buy a set of GE JAN5654W from the first page as it is well rated and I only have stock now.  Of these two auction, I'm thinking the first one is the correct one, but what is the difference between the first one and the one that says JAN JLRV?







Thanks for any help.

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Hi ATL5,


I would go with the first listing. Don't know what the difference is, but the first one is US made, and the second is made in Canada. (JAN means joint army and navy; i.e. a military tube.)

There is also a GE 5 star 6AK5 tube that is rated similar to the Russian DR tubes regarding extra long life - 10,000 hours.

Some people like the sound of the 5 star tube, but you cannot go wrong with the regular GE tubes.

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For the Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV, has anyone bought and tested the version without the EB (EV).  How do they sound compared to the ones with EV that is so popular in here.




Also, just got 2 Mullard EF91 for $9 each with free shipping if anyone wants to get them.  Now I'm wondering if they would have accepted $7?  beyersmile.png


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Just want to give a heads up to avoid Vaccum Tube, Inc. (http://www.vacuumtubesinc.com/). The guy who answered the phone was horribly rude about trying to find a set of JAN GE 5654Ws. He kept trying to talk over me, saying they were overrated and only for misled fools Whether they are overrated or not, his attitude was extremely condescending and he kept lecturing me like a misbehaving 2 year old. He didn't know what Mullard was, either. If you're looking for popular Little Dot tubes, this is NOT the place. You will be verbally attacked before he ever gets up to look for the tubes. I thanked him for his advice, but stated that I was more focused on finding tubes than being insulted. Then he hung up on me. It appears that even vacuum tube retailers are secretly vacuum tube-nay saying audiophile-haters. lol


I should note that the guys at TubeStore, VacuumTube.net, and TubeWorld were all really nice, fast-responding, and super-helpful. 

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Gracias :)

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M8161 are definitely my favorites for my HD800 while my Hytrons (I believe they are 6ak5s) are for the HD650. They're not on the list but they are quite bright.

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