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Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide - Page 92

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Originally Posted by zedmeco View Post

thanks Mike, I grew up on the same recipe of electronic music. these are 320 aac files (m4p)

these tracks were mixed monitoring on my ld and sen hd650, using the voskhods 6zh1p-ev and novosibirsk 6h6p i gold grids/pins!

really happy you like them. 


The Tung-sol 6AK5W from the 50's I've found to have a great low end for electronic music.


Sounds great with VNV nation, Infected Mushroom, KMFDM, really like the new Daft Punk album with those too!



Generally with this kind of music I would use my JDS C421 and my Ultrasone Pro900's with my iBasso D6 as the DAC.

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Got a question.


How do you all keep track of all these tubes?

I mean, is it all in your memory?  Do you keep a tube journal/diary?  3 X 5 cards?  Spreadsheets?  Database?

Is there an app for that?


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Originally Posted by BGRoberts View Post

Got a question.


How do you all keep track of all these tubes?

I mean, is it all in your memory?  Do you keep a tube journal/diary?  3 X 5 cards?  Spreadsheets?  Database?

Is there an app for that?


Page 77 has a chart that's been continuously updated: http://www.head-fi.org/t/563884/little-dot-tube-amps-vacuum-tube-rolling-guide/1140

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Thanks for the link to the list.


I guess I was thinking more of keeping track of my personal tube collection, notes, etc.


Right now I have handwritten notes on 3x5 cards.  Thinking of getting those on the computer/tablet/phone somehow.

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Don't know how many tubes you want to keep track of. Personally I probably have around 300 tubes. As the excellent work of the people on this forum progresses I am buying new tubes that show great promise in sound reproduction.

Therefore I end up with a large amount of tubes that I don't listen to any more. Many of these I bought without boxes. I found an inexpensive way of storing them in plastic boxes made for nuts, screws or small parts etc.. Some of these boxes have movable dividers. I took along a couple of tubes to the hardware store and picked a box that accommodated the sizes I needed to store.

For around $6-7 I got a box with 48 compartments. Then I sorted the tubes and put them into the compartments with a sticker on the lid corresponding to the contents underneath the sticker. Here I write brand, dates etc. One box can store around 120 tubes without boxes, and I can vary the sizes of the compartments by moving the dividers if I have 4 or 10 of the same type of tube. (If a compartment is not full, I stick in pieces of foam "peanuts" to keep the tubes in place.)

It may be hard to grab a tube to get out of the box. On the suggestion of Mikeleap (?) I bought rubber fingers in an office supply store (size XL is the right size) that makes it easy to grip the tubes.

The new tubes I am buying now usually come with boxes. I just store them in a shoe box with rubber bands keeping the same type together. Ultimately, I end up with a few favorite tubes that get their own special box.

If you have much larger quantities in tube boxes I could imagine a shelving system of some kind.

I have to admit that I keep most of the currently used tubes committed to memory. Stick the hand into the shoe box, under the the pieces of bubble wrap, left corner top, in unmarked boxes - yep; there are the Tektronix 6AU6 that I want to try. I'm afraid that if I get too organized I would not be able to find them.....LOL

Don't know if this is helpful....Good luck!

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Originally Posted by gibosi View Post

Once in a while I stumble across "6AH6V" tubes and I have been wondering how these differ from standard 6AH6. Casually searching on Google hasn't turned anything up... Does anyone know exactly what a 6AH6 with a "V" is?


So far, the only 6AH6V tubes I have found are Raytheon. But again, I haven't been able to discover what the "V" was supposed to indicate.


Also, it appears that RCA also made 6485/6AH6 tubes. Has anyone tried them?

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i found a few pictures related to t.v. and on that Motorola tv they used 6a6h tube or 6cb6 tubes and they where using these tubes for the video amplier so could the v stand for video a guess. here is the picture. What do you think

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Hi guys,


I have a mk iv driving HD600s. I love the sound of the HD600s on all frequencies apart from the very top end. I find the ultra-highs to be a bit intrusive and harsh, making hi-hats and certain cymbal blasts too piercing and prominent. Any tube recommendations to take the edge off these ultra-highs without sacrificing the rest of the treble? I don't want to make the HD600s any more laid back in the upper mids, lower treble because I think they sound perfect throughout the rest of the spectrum. Sweet and warm mid would be nice too...




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redrum, Which tubes are using at the moment?

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Originally Posted by Acapella11 View Post

redrum, Which tubes are using at the moment?

I have what I think are the stock tubes that came with the amp (bought this second hand), and a pair of rca black plate 5654s that came with it. I cant hear much difference between these two when it comes to the ultra-highs. Keep changing my mind on which is harsher.

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Hi redrum42,


I have found that many tubes from different brands exhibit too much treble. I have the luxury of having tone controls in my system, so I can turn down the treble and making it much more pleasant.

In the absence of tone controls, I did find that changing the original power tubes which were 6N6P-i to 6N6P tubes (available cheap) or even better to 6N6P  gold grid tubes "tamed" some of the excessive treble.

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Here is a comment I found on the Internet that seems to explain the letter V on a schematic:


"More elaborately, on a schematic, you have to have a way to designate the individual components. Resistors are R, Caps are C, transistors are Q, Tubes are V, etc. each of the 50 resistors is designated R1, R2, R3, etc. So from a technical point of view, it means that this tube is marked V1 on the schematic.

Since tube amp schematics tend to flow left to right, input to output, tubes in particular positions tends to be called by particular V numbers - i.e. the first preamp tube tends to be called V1 because it is normally first on the schematic.

However, it is also common parlance with particular known amp topologies to say V-whatever, and everyone knows it's the phase inverter or whatever (sort of losing the schematic tie-in). Ultimately, it's just a schematic term."


In this context a tube is called V because of the British name for tube which is Valve.


However, it does not explain the letter V printed on the tube itself.


Usually, a tube gets a designation such as 6AH6 as an example. Further developments of the tube get called 6AH6A, 6AH6B and 6AH6C and so on. The changes could be a small change in the specifications of a tube, such as modifications for the time it takes for the heater to come to full output to suit certain applications.


Still does not explain the V designation though....

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Hi G,


In addition to the Raytheon 6AH6V tubes I was able to find 6A6V tubes from Tung Sol, CBC, TUBE and Capeheart through a simple Google search.



Found this seller who has 6AH6 tubes from $0.60 to $3.50 (shipping not specified). Does anybody have experience with John Kendall's Vintage Electronic Services?



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Thank you for that detailed and informative reply.

I'll have to look at the hardware store for some boxes like you mentioned.

I'm really looking for some kind of "list: software to keep track of my tube collection.  I've bought duplicates of several tubes, just because I forgot I already had them

It would be nice to have something tracking things just so I could at a glance tell what I have, what I might be interested in, etc.

I'm a computer geek, and a list-a-holic,


Again, many thanks for your info-packedreply!

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You may find that the duplicate tubes sound different from each other.....Different production runs and years and different internal construction may make a difference in how they sound.

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