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HI All,


Next week we will start shipping out our newest product - the Butte.


The Apex Butte is an affordable ($495) class-AB headphone amplifier built with the same quality design as the other Apex products.  Small in size, it can still deliver a lot of power to drive virtually any headphones.

The Butte is a DC-coupled design, so it can deliver bass punch that no cap-coupled amp can deliver.  It has incredibly low distortion and an insanely wide frequency response.  It is very transparent.


And as most of you already know, the Audeze LCD-2 is now available in a new Rev 2 version. After careful listening, we feel the newest LCD-2 is a better all around sounding headphone than the previous model. Tighter bass and crisper detailed highs highlight the improvements. And on top of all that there is now a leather headband available with the LCD-2 for an additional $50.


The LCD-2 is in stock and to celebrate our newest headphone amps, we will knock off $100 from a Butte or an Arete if you buy it with an LCD-2 headphone. So the combo will be $100 less!


The Butte and LCD-2 with original headband will be $1340 add $ 50 for the leather headband.


Good pals - the Arete and LCD-2 will sell for $1940 while the sale lasts. You can add a leather headband to the LCD2 for an additional $50 and the Volcano power supply is a worthwhile $700 upgrade for the Arete!




Pictures of the Butte will follow late next week!


Take advantage of these great amps and the fantastic LCD2 headphone - all available at