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x-post from the impressions thread of Tokyo 2011 Fall Headphone Festival ( ):


V-Moda M-80:

  • This prototype was brought by Val Kolton, the man behind V-Moda (info here: )
  • I always thought this brand was just for wannabes looking for cool looking headphones without regard to how good or bad they sound
  • I could briefly listen to it a couple of times out of my iPhone 4 (no amp) before and after the meet as we hanged out all together
  • The fact that Val gave me 500 bucks to say good things about his new headphone might influence these impressions but basically, I liked what I listened to as I could not immediately detect any major fault and the tonal balance was very pleasing (emphasis on bass but not bloaty). 
  • Joke aside (Val is actually not very generous and didn't even buy me a beer ;), the headphone is named after some kind of explosive and I have to admit it fits well as it was simply a foot-tapping experience for me.
  • I listened quickly to a direct competitor, the Sennheiser HD-25 "original" ( ) with same iPhone player and it was nowhere near as good. In particular, the Sennheiser had some unnatural mid-highs which I noticed right away
  • Only drawback I could see is that it gets sweaty rather quickly and the clamping force is significant which may be getting uncomfortable over long time. I suspect this strong clamping force is part of the reason why it sounds good as the seal / distance to the driver apparently has huge influence on the response.
  • I'd say, it's probably a good choice for someone who likes a fun sound with punchy / forward bass (but not bloated). It's probably also good in a noisy environment as the isolation is significant and the tonal balance will cover up low frequency background noise leaking through the headphone


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I won a pair of the M80 and wrote a review, here.


I know this is only my personal opinioin but I'll put them right between the HD25 (top) and the DT1350 (bottom). I like portables with a fun sound. and the M80s are the most comfortable of the 3, the only weak spot I could find is that they dont isolate as good as the other two.

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i own them and very happy,, happier paired with fiio e6

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Radioshack had these at $99 on Black Friday weekend. I have to admit that I went to buy Beats Solo because it was on sale also and I liked the sound while testing at a different store. The store clerk pointed these out to me as they were out of stock on Beats. I eventually bought both and the beats are going back. I am not sure if they are worth $199, but at a somewhat lower price (an absolute steal @ $99) can knock the competition out. It would not be an understatement to say that these are the best I have heard for phones under $200 and I have tested a LOT of them in stores.

Only con: leaks sound and Beats lessen ambient noise much better.

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^^^The M80? Their site is showing the LP at $99 but the M80 at regular price. I might swing by the local Radioshack tomorrow and take a look. I thought all they had at Radioshack was batteries and RC cars.

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I've been looking at these as a possible xmas gift for a friend of mine. If anyone here have had any experience with the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9's, how would you compare their sound signature with the M-80's?

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