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I have received many many requests on making a left exit micro. Well, its here!!


TWag v2 Eclipse LEFT exit Micro. Say Hello.


Same length as the right exit.


There are 3 configurations.


Left Exit

Right Exit

Bottom exit


All made from TWag v2 Eclipse!!


Connector options:

Standard is Neutrik right angle or Switchcraft right angle


Please add $30 for for a cryo'd Oyaide right angle.






More teaser.





Standard length is 3". Please email me at


Introductory order price of $130. Add $30 for the Oyaide right angle. The introductory price will only be available for a few weeks!!

CONUS, shipping is free. International orders please add $20 using EMS shipping. 


To order the left exit MIcro at the introductory price, you may send PayPal to Please indicate order details in the comment field.