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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT: Audio Technica E70, Senn HD598, Grado box (Canada)

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$1 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: Audio Technica E70, Senn HD598, Grado box (Canada)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Lots of new stuff added August 2016



Too many toys... send me a pm for more details on individual items.


For trades, open to anything... although I'm primarily interested in orthos and/or interesting/comfy shells that I can transplant drivers into (looking for an Ultrasone Pro series, or maybe a Beats Studio/Pro).

or a nice balanced dac

or amps

or DIY stuff.

or a dap to replace my aging fuze

Whatever, I'm open to offers.


edit: actually I'm looking to downgrade and clear out some stuff.  PM me for what I have as I cycle through a lot of stuff. 

edit2: looking for an HE-500, also a Beyer COP for transplant potential: actually kinda interested in a Senneiser HD800 (or maybe even the HD600/650) and maybe those new Philips Fidelio L2

edit3: or if people want me to do any transplants (see my sig for links), shoot me a pm

edit 4: you know, I'm kinda interested in a FiiO E09k

edit 5? kinda looking for a Centrance HiFi-M8

edit 6: Anyone got a usb to AES converter?

edit 7: or an Oppo planar


Please keep in mind that I live in Canada. This affects shipping and what I'm willing to accept since stuff is generally harder/more expensive to acquire up here. I don't mind shipping outside Canada/US, but shipping costs are very high for anything with tracking. Seriously, we're talking ~$100+ just for the shipping when sending overseas.



Audio Technica E70

- flagship of the series

- got these as part of a trade, but they don't fit me

- excellent condition, box and case



Sennheiser HD598 (balanced optional)

- I actually have two of them... one SE version (black) and one regular (ivory)

- new condition

- original box and stuff

- I have two cables available, one balanced and one not; pm for details



Celsus Sound Gramo One

- fantastic sounding top tier earbud

- like new in box



Grado SR125i box

- box only

- FREE, you can have it for the price of shipping




Monster Turbines

- new in box (unopened)



Hifiman HE-6


- upgraded with Norse Audio 8 strand braided cable into 4-pin XLR (this cable is hardwired; it is not optional)

- great condition, comes with XLR to 1/4" adapter, original leather(?) box

edit: putting this on hold for the moment unless someone just wants to throw gobs of money at me, because these cost a crapton to bring into the country



Sennheiser HD650

- Zu Mobius mk2 balanced cable (I would actually sell this cable separately if anyone is interested) (gone)

- excellent condition except for paint flecks (partially repaired; pm for details)

- original case and box

- haha this is like the 4th time I've owned these; I'd only part with these for a cool trade offer





AKG Sextett with transplanted SFI drivers (orthodynamic, modded) 

unfinished, but can finish it up for the right trade... message me for details

details here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/569510/ortho-transplant-orthosex-sfi-into-akg-k240-sextett-lp-in-progress



Denon C551

- found these the other day, I don't even remember where I got them from... probably part of a trade a while back

- just the iems, no box or accessories

- no scratches that I can tell, but I'd give it a 8/10 just to be conservative



GoVibe Single

This is a tiny portable amp (barely bigger than the AAA battery that powers it). Good for iems. 



Sennheiser Amperior w/600 ohm drivers and silver cable

- like new, blue

- with 600 ohm HD25-13-ii drivers

- silver cable, kevlar sleeving

- box, extra pads, bag

- this is my only portable (and actually my only high impedance can) left, so I'm more interested in cool trades for this

- I've also got an extra borked 600 ohm driver. Free to anyone who wants it for experimentation (just cover shipping)



Fostex T50rp (orthodynamic, modded) 

edit: I actually have four different modded ones right now only one left; these are just here as potential trade for interesting things; not really worth it to sell. May or may not have the following mods:

- baffle front: single piece dynamat and felt

- baffle rear: mass loaded tungsten putty

- baffle vent: sealed

- cups: acoustic foam, velour, cotton

- cup vents: micropore

- cup & baffle: sprayed with rubber for damping and better seal

- headband: leather strap under the rubber

- probably others; lots similar to BMF's mods

- sound is competitive to the Mad Dog to my ears





AKG K240M (sold)

- pads are worn, but otherwise in good condition



Audio Technica ATH-706 Electret (gone)

- the transformer is quite heavy, please keep that in mind for shipping



Yamaha RH10ms with SFI-32 ohm drivers (orthodynamic) (gone)



Phiaton PS500 with Fostex T40v1 drivers (orthodynamic) (gone)

details here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/554183/ortho-transplant-fostex-t40v1-driver-into-phiaton-ps-500-many-pics



Realistic Pro30 (orthodynamic, modded) (gone)



Fostex T10 (orthodynamic) (gone)

super duper rare




Shure SE215 (sold)

comes with all original packaging and accessories

under 20 hours use


Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviators (sold)

headphones only

picked these up thinking I might transplant ortho drivers into them, but they sound too nice to rip apart

they are slightly modded (easily reversible) with some putty to stabalize the baffle and improve the isolation



Creative HQ-1900 (gone)

Box was only opened to try them on. Very light and foldable, relatively large earpads for a supraaural, rather neutral frequency response, bass surprisingly strong down to 40 Hz and rolls off sharply after that



Pioneer SE-MJ3 (gone)

This box isn't even open. I've tried them on at the store. Fit is very light, typical multi-axis folding, sound is a bit bass/midbass tipped but not overly so, good isolation. 



Koss PortaPro (gone)


Grado SR125 (gone)


Audio Technica ANC7b (sold)

comes with box and case and adapters


Sony MDR-V6 (sold)


Shure 440 (gone)

- brand new in box


FiiO e10 (gone)

- practically mint, original box and goodies



Shure SRH 940 (gone)

- essentially new



Bottlehead Crack + Speedball + upgraded power cord (gone)

- copper hammertone paint on the plate and bell, wood is stained a dark walnutty colour 

- casing has an added layer of foil to block out emi/rfi

- absolutely fantastic pairing with the AKG Sextett (see below)

- loves playing with the high end Sennheisers

- I've built several Bottlehead kits and have other DIY experience so this isn't a "first timer" job here




AKG Sextett MP (gone)

NOS, original box, very few hours, you will be very hard pressed to find one in as nice condition as this one, even the cable is still in the original twist tie and was only unwrapped a few feet for me to listen with

- this pairs incredibly well with the Bottlehead Crack and is easily one of my favourite combinations




Sennheiser HD595 (gone)

- great condition, no box 



KRK 8400 (gone)

- great condition, just the headphone, recabled


Digizoid ZO2 (gone)


Bottlehead Smack Kit (gone)

- limited run and no longer available, this amp has impedance switches to change depending on what headphones and sound signatures you want to use

- the kit is untouched except I painted the bell and plate with a copper hammertone (which I think turned out really well)

- I would consider building this for the right offer/trade

Cowon i10  (gone)
Cowon e2 - 4gb (gone)
V-Moda Crossfade w/Fostex T50rp drivers (gone)

- see here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/648893/ortho-transplant-t50rp-drivers-into-v-moda-crossfade-in-progress-lots-of-pictures

- this is also just here to fish for interesting trades


Grado SR 325is (gone)

- very good condition

- very slightly worn lettering

- nice thick leather headband

- comes with original box


The worst iem/earbud in the world (gone)

- a long time ago I traded some gear with Joker and he sent me these as a joke

- these were clearly tuned by a blind and deaf monkey; no telling which orifice they were plugged into for said tuning

- if anyone's feeling masochistic, I will toss these in with any trade

- or you can pay shipping for them, and listen to something so bad Joker wouldn't even put them in his massive review thread


Yamaha HP-2 ortho (gone)

- practically NOS with the box and everything


iBasso D10 + iRiver iHP-120 (gone)

- one of the original highly sought after dap/amp combos, and still smaller than many "transportable" combos today

- the iRiver has optical output which you can feed into the D10 for dac/amp duties

- preference to sell as a combo, or preferentially the iRiver first then D10 if separate

- iRiver is rockbox compatible

edit: iRiver is sold, only the D10 left


Superlux HD660 (gave to dad)

- like a baby Beyerdynamic DT770, similar in sound and build quality

- just the headphone


Wadia 121 DAC (aka Decoding Computer) (gone)

- some minor scratches on the top

- original packaging and remote


Sennheiser HD25-1-ii x2 (gone)

all extensively modded

really just fishing for interesting trades on this one

edit: since so many people keep asking me... some or all may apply depending which model

- sprayed cups with rubber

- sealed baffle edges with varnish

- clay in the cup wells

- dynamat in the cup wells

- acoustic foam in the cup wells

- dynamat within the driver assembly/walls

- dynamat on the driver backing/baffle

- replaced rear felt with foam/velour/felt/etc

- replaced front foam with foam/velour/felt/etc

- stability clay over the voice coil cap

- a few different cables (regular, OFC,  only the silver left)



Nuforce HAP-100 (gone)

- really great preamp and class A headphone amp

- 4 input preamp

- absolutely silent background

- mint condition, original box

- also have optional output module to change output impedance



Beyerdynamic DT860 (gone)

- almost like new condition

- has box and carrying case



AKG K612 (gone)

- like new, minimal use, original box, yadda yadda



Hifiman HE-300 (gone)

- great shape 9.5/10, box 8/10, bag, silver cable


NAD HP50 (gone)

- practically new


Beyerdynamic DT770 w/Custom One Pro drivers (gone)

- hey look, it's a DT can that's actually efficient enough to be driven by a dap

- has various mods, damping, upgraded internal wiring, etc.



Sennheiser HD212pro (gone)

- pads and headband in good shape, cups have a few scuffs

- cable hardwired, hot glue strain relief

- wow these have a lot of bass



Sennheiser HD580 (balanced) (gone)

- upgraded HD650 grills (so this is basically no different than an HD600-ish)

- choice of balanced or single ended cable (not stock)

- lettering is faded and minor paint flecks on the headband, but otherwise excellent condition

- no box



Sennheiser Momentum (gone)

- brown over-ear

- box and case

- good condition, a few scuffs on the cups

- cables were borked, I fixed the non-button one, the button one is iffy (pm for info)



Etymotic ER-4p (gone)

- case, tips

- extra treble filters



Teac HP-100 (gone)

- old/rare/vintage/whatever

- 8 ohm drivers

- original pad foam was completely disintegrated; I've cleaned it out and replaced the foam

- gallery: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/899140/teac-hp-100/



JVC HA-FXD80-Z (gone)

- excellent condition, tips, box, yadda yadda



Philips Fidelio X2 (gone)

- basically like new, box and everything



Schiit Vali (gone)

- looks like new

- box and stuff



V-Moda XS (gone)

- lightly modded with acoustic foam and felts; bass is slightly reduced, distortion improved



Brainwavz HM3 (gone)

- like new, no box



Furutech Power Cords (gone)

- see my other ad: http://www.head-fi.org/t/699969/




Wyred4Sound DAC-1 (W4S) (gone)

- excellent condition, original box

link... http://www.head-fi.org/t/773681/wyred4sound-w4s-dac-1




Stax SR-007 with Woo WEE

- literally brand new, long story short: I finally took the plunge on some stax through a Canadian dealer, it was damaged in transit, we had to fight with the post office over insurance and after five months I finally got a brand spanking new 007

- why trading/selling? Because the whole process of fighting with the post office has left me frustrated and I can't really enjoy it

- I also have a Woo Audio WEE so you can hook it up to a regular speaker amp; the WEE has been modded for extra safety, pm for details
- I'm kinda maybe vaguely interested in trying a 009


Grado SR125i (gone)



Rega DAC (gone)

- excellent condition

- warm "analog" tone, excellent for crummy recordings

- this is the version with 5 filter options (instead of 3), but no remote



Denon D5000 (gone)

- excellent condition, lettering is all intact, pads are like new



Audeze LCD2.2 bamboo pre-fazor (gone)

- like-new, excellent condition, single owner, non-smoker, no pets

- comes with the big heavy duty carrying case, original FR charts and stickers, and wood care kit (never used)



Shure SRH 840 (gone)

- excellent condition with box and carrying bag and cable



Yulong Super Stack (gone)

DA8 balanced dac/amp

A28 balanced amp

P18 power conditioner

- would prefer to sell as a package, but open to offers

- all excellent condition, original boxes for two out of three

- separate ad and pictures here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/822190/yulong-super-stack-da8-dac-a28-balanced-amp-p18-power-conditioner-canada



Sony MDR-Z7 (gone)

- mint condition

- no box



Technics EAH-810 (gone)

- rare ortho/planar magnetic, SFI style driver

- surprisingly good bass

- very very good condition

- original pads still in very good shape, headband still has the plastic on it

- gallery: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/899151/technics-eah-810/



Geek Out V2 (gone)

- curiosity compelled me to try the GOV2, but I've got too many toys



Nuforce NE-700 and 770x (gone)

- practically new, box, bag, tips, etc



Audio Technica ATH-6 Electret (gone)

- get that stax-like sound at a cheaper price and no dangerous voltages!

- very good shape

- quite rare

- heavy with the transformer; shipping this thing won't be cheap



Norne/Norse Audio 8 foot Audeze cable (gone)

- 4-conductor OCC copper with Macassar Ebony splitter and TRS termination

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PMed for the shure...

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PM sent on Audio Technica ANC7b

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Just bumped but started almost a year ago -- items are still available?

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willing to trade anything for a Hippo CriCri+ amp+dac?



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Will you please PM me the price you are asking for your crack and a pic or two if you would be so kind?



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Originally Posted by mojorisin35 View Post



Please pm me the details of the hd25's please
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PM sent.

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Sent you PM on the HD595's.

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PM sent

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What earpad is that with the HE6?

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pm sent

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How much for outright sale on the HE-6?

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