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hi all.

i'm sorry if i'm wrong room for my question. but please answer my question because i need some help.


i'm still confused with DIY Lod with capacitor. in other room has people DIY Lod with resistor but still have an error.

so my question is:

- If i just DIY Lod with capacitor without resistor, configuration (lod to usb), can i use this for my iPod 4G, iPhone 4S, and iPod classis in my cars headunit or my dac without probelem?  or i must resistor. cause sometimes i will use the Lod with my iPhone 4s to in car.

- How to mod Lod with capasitor but i still can use lod for my iPod 4G, my iPod classic and my iPhone 4s. i want diy 2 kind of Lod. 1. lod to 3,5 stereo and lod to usb male. can anyone give me explain how to modding the pin of lod with capasitor and resistor?


thank you and forgive me if i have wrong written