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soundstage any good?

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Originally Posted by selferinoz View Post

soundstage any good?


Yes.  It's averagely wide but more importantly it has good depth.  To me a lot of universals don't do depth very well but this one does.


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Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

Yes.  It's averagely wide but more importantly it has good depth.  To me a lot of universals don't do depth very well but this one does. 


Agreed, width is averagely wide. But I also agree that good depth is a trait that's hard to find in universal IEMs and these have this strength. The FXT90s actually have better depth than the GR07 and even the FX700. I don't think it's depth is as great as the RE262 or EX1000 (though I haven't directly compared), but it is very competent in this aspect. 


**Added a disclaimer due to it's low output impedance in the user information page


Impedance is 12ohms. This is very low and this causes changes in the frequency response when the source being used distributes a significant amount of impedance. Thus these will respond at their best to players with low-output impedance. The general rule is to divide the impedance of the headphone/IEM by 8 to know the maximum desired output impedance, 1.4 is the maximum desired output impedance of the FXT90 (12/8=1.4). This breaks it down to the following players via headphone out


Clip+/Fuze/Clip Zip?/S:Flo2=0.5 output impedance

Iphone 4/Iphone 4GS?=0.9 output impedance

Iphone 3GS/Cowon J3/Nano 6g(7g?)/Fuze+/GoGear Vibe=2 output impedance (these are unfortunately a bit higher than desired but are next best thing). 


Whether this is a flaw or strength is up to the user to decide. I personally think it's forward thinking as the output impedance of players should be decreasing in the future. Besides, one should lean towards low output-impedance players anyway due to the performance benefits IMO. The FXT90 isn't alone in this, there are many other IEMs with very low output impedance. The upcoming Sony XBA-4 has a 8ohms and even the good old Triple10 has a very low impedance,for example. Fortunately many amps have an output impedance that's lower than 1, the Fiio models being a good budget option. 


**Also added the very cool official page. Too bad I can't read Japanese....


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The EX1000 has the best soundstage I've heard to date.  Very open and airy.  Makes me think of being front row at an outside venue.


I think I've fallen in love with the FXT90's.  Comprehensive impressions to come tomorrow morning with a some comparisons between the FX700 and GR07.


Good info on output impedance.  The UM Merlin I have coming is also 12 ohm. I can say though that the FXT90's sound great with my 6th gen Nano, which I believe is 1.9 output.

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What tips do you guys use with fxt90?

I tried comply t400 once, but seemed to be too tight of a fit on the nozzle, so I didn't force it.

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JVC FXT90 – It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s dynamic!


Comfort – The FXT90’s are very comfortable to wear down or over the ear but I think they are most comfortable worn down.  My favorite tips are the monster supertip foams but the jays silicone are also very good.  Both let more of the high end through for better clarity b/c of their larger bore and I think larger bore tips sounds better on the FXT90.


Treble – Bright, detailed and crisp.  Really just the right amount to me: It’s not dark, it’s not analytically piercing, it’s just really balanced to the overall signature.  GR07 treble is a little smoother and FX700 a little brighter, a little crisper.


MIds – Maybe just slightly forward.  Noticeably more than the slightly recessed FX700 but lack the clarity in mids of the FX700.  Vocals sound intimate and weighty, just how I like them.  I’m very pleased with the vocal placement and liquid presentation; you might even call it mid- centric.


Bass – Fairly balanced with the rest of the sound spectrum.  Yes it’s strong and forward but it doesn’t overshadow the other parts of the spectrum.  Pre burn in it seems to be equal parts mid bass and sub bass but has since gone towards slightly more sub bass.  Very similar presentation to the FX700 but the FX700 is just a bit more refined/tighter.  The mid bass gives you more impact over the GR07 bass but the GR07 is giving you mostly sub bass that digs a little deeper and presents a hair more texture.


Soundstage is about average in width but has nice depth that is above average; very similar in presentation to the FX700, which is wider and sometimes encircles you, whereas the FXT90 keeps things in front of you.  The GR07 is wider but lacks depth and is rather 2D comparatively.


Great distortion guitar crunch; really, really good timbre, almost as good as the FX700’s.  The FX700 sounds better with keys, in particular with piano, otherwise it is pretty even.  The FXT90's dual drivers produce a reverb effect similar to the wooden housing and wooden driver of the FX700.


Transparency is a little above average.  This is the big difference with the FX700; it is definitely a step up in transparency.


Overall the FXT90 is like the little brother to the FX700 giving you maybe 85% to 90% of its sound.  It is lighter and fits more comfortably and I like the one piece supple cable a lot better.  I already have the FX700’s but if I didn’t, I would choose the FXT90 at their price and not look back.  I think one thing I like about the GR07 over these is the BA like instrument separation the GR07 is able to portray; otherwise the FXT90 is more energetic and dynamic with incredible musicalityPerhaps the most musical IEM I’ve heard to date.


FXT90 - Another contender for best value at the under $150 mark!


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Very nice, I agree with it all. I like how these are colored at just the right amount, slightly and tastefully done. 


Would you say these isolate more than the GR07?


Will add your impressions to the front page soon. 

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As for isolation, it seems about equal to the vented GR07.  I think it's due to the GR07's having a little deeper fit, whereas the FXT90's are shallow.  I'm only wearing single flange tips, so I would expect the FXT90 to be a little better with bi or tri-flanges.

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I see, thanks. That level of isolation is at a nice balance to have. 


**impressions added to first page

**improved front page layout



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Thanks for your nice review.

Many people are fallen in love with the FXT90!

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Great IEM, love the smooth mids and great bass, but its availability seems to be the reason why its not having much hype?


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It was somewhat harder to get at a fair price in the past but now that accessoryjack.com is selling it at a very fair price with reasonable shipping and warranty, maybe more will be willing to try it.
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I've been listening to these a lot lately and they have become my go to IEM for pure enjoyment.  Previously the GR07 was my favorite for drums and now I'd have to give the edge to the FXT90; and add to that the superb timbre, it brings one hell of a smile to my face.


I've also noticed that the dual drivers in each housing seem to produce a reverb that is very similar to the reverb the FX700 produces with it's wood housing and wood driver.  I think I was mistaking this effect as some boominess in some songs, while getting to know the phones but now that I've logged many listening hours, I no longer hear it that way.  I'm pretty sure this effect is what really brings out the thicker note and musical nature of the FXT90.


Tonight I listened to a BLS song 'Dead Meadows', which is mostly piano and drums.  Very realistic instruments, powerful dynamics and full of emotion.


I think there's a high degree of satisfaction in finding something so enjoyable for a relatively low cost.  Also I think the fact that I find them more comfortable than all my other IEM's, I like the cable better than all my other IEM's and they are super fast and easy to insert really pushes them over the top for me.  I've got minor quibbles will all my other IEM's whether it be fit, finish, cable, comfort or looks but none here.


The GR07 and FXT90 are showing that there is a lot of fun and great music to be had in mid to lower costs phones.

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After reading this thread I'm quite convinced to get myself a pair of these and listen to them for myself. The comparisons to the FX700, which happens to be my favourite IEM, are very positive so I think I would like these. 

Where would be the cheapest place to get these?

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How do these compare to the Radius DDM1/2?

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