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Looking for a new PHD camera.

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Hello all, I'm looking for another PHD camera (Push here dummy).
I want to stay with Nikon.
I currently have the Nikon COOLPIX L20 and want to stay with that size of a camera.
Here are some quick choices that I am considering.

Nikon COOLPIX P300
Nikon COOLPIX S9100


Any other suggestions?


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I bought a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V a few months ago and love it. Has a great big lens that takes excellent photos and is very easy to use. It even has an "Easy" setting where you dont have to worry about a thing. I found it by looking for cameras in the $200 price range and many reviews said this is one of the best for the money. Shoots in HD video, has panorama feature, and awesome night photos.





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That does look nice Lazerboy2000.

Thanks, I will take a closer look at it.


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My advice is two part:


Firstly, check out www.dpreview.com for info about cameras. Think of it as Head-fi but for cameras. They review just about every camera that sees the light of day, all the way from the lowly point-and-shoot up to the fully manual with a billion lenses DSLR. The reviews they do are extremely thorough.


Secondly, the best point and shoot cameras vary by price range. Canon and Nikon tend to have the best (usually Nikon). However, I'm a very big fan of Panasonic Lumix cameras. They have the best lenses in a point-and-shoot as they're made by Leica. However, the censors aren't quite as good as their Canon and Nikon rivals. Though, the Lumix cameras offer a proper manual mode which Canon and Nikon usually don't so while you can shot in auto or any of the half-breed modes, if you ever decide you want to play around with settings it's very easy to do so.


However, if all you want is just a great camera that you can leave in auto and take great pictures, the S9100 is where it's at. I've played around with that line on a number of occasions and it's very easy to use, very quick to respond and takes a very clean photo. One other advantage the Nikons have now (which the opposite used to be true) is they go from turned off to up and running faster than most other PaS cameras.


Either way, I'd head to dpreview.com. They have some rather handy lists where you can say, "I want a travel camera..." and they'll list one. The S8000 was listed as one of the best cameras for traveling under the understanding that you couldn't really do manual.

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Thanks for the info DougofTheAbaci,
I visit that site often, I just wanted a second opinion.
I am saving up for the Nikon D3s (D4 if it ever comes out?) and just wanted something small that I could carry in my handlebar bag for some quick shots.
Its looks like any of the cameras listed here will do the job.
I really like the flat black look of the S9100, and that alone is swaying me toward it.
It looks like I will spring for the S9100 on my next paycheck.
Thanks again,

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No worries. I haven't used that specific camera but I've used two of it's recent predecessors and I was very impressed. Quick startup, quick zoom, good pictures on auto.


The only issue I ever noticed was with an S8000 and that was sometimes the pictures would come out with a decidedly blue tint. I was rather weird. I didn't take those photos so I didn't know what had caused it, but it wasn't something that an auto-color-correct could fix so I had to color-correct them one by one.

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