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For Sale: ipad 1 and 6th gen touchscreen nano

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
ipad 1 and 6th gen touchscreen nano

Will Ship To: Anywhere

mclldavidson @ gmail com or mclldavidson on gtalk

The 32 gig wifi ipad is in excellent shape and has a screen protector and comes with a stylus. It also comes with an otterbox. It does not come with a charger. It has warranty until March 31, 2012 330 shipped
A charger can be bought for 13 new on amazon, from 6 used

6th gen 8 gig nano with watch strap kit. $110 shipped

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Just to clarify, you are selling "

ipad 1 and 6th gen touchscreen nano"


for "$110 shipped"????


If so I'm interested

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Still selling nano?

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Open for trades?

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