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For Sale: AMB Mini3

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For Sale:
AMB Mini3

Will Ship To: US



I have an AMB Mini3 for sale.  It is in good shape, but there MAY be an issue with it.  When you hook it to an ipod and jiggle the input cable, the ipod will occasionally go into pause mode.  I think it was a problem with the dock connector I was using, but I don't have another connector to test it.  I believe the amp works perfectly, but I can't guarantee it.  Because of that, I am offering to sell it below market rate, $65 shipped.  I will include a wall charger.


The only reason I am getting rid of it is that I have been listening almost exclusively to my HF-2s, which don't really need an amp and I prefer to travel light.


The amp is sold AS IS!!  I prefer payment via Paypal.  Given I can't guarantee it works perfectly, I don't want to ship it overseas.





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Sold Pending Payment.

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