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Originally Posted by WhiteCrow View Post

Okay, this is still my thread so Ima update the OP post after work and give my grados some love to see if I really want to get rid of them.

Don't you dare! biggrin.gif I've been tempted a few times to sell mine, then I give them a quick listen just in case... then I always think awwww man! At the end of the day there are still no other hp's that do what they do.

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RS1 # 1815 -- have been wanting them for so long -- definitely worth the wait.

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Nice RS-1 Nick.


Does anyone know how to remove those black form from the old dry out cushion?


My RS-1 has many of them and I really like to clean them up.  Any suggestion?  Thanks.


Originally Posted by Nick01 View Post

Hi everyone,

here's mine:


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They already reached 30k RS1i's

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I bought mine a year and a half ago and it was around #10k.

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RS2i #8959 here checking in. It's my first pair of proper headphones, got them about 3 months ago and I'm still in disbelief how good and energetic music can sound.

Minor mods: G-cush foam pads + Martin Lantinen's bare polished aluminum gimbals and rodblocks.
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Never seen those polished gimbals and rods before - shiny!

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^^Those gimbals are sweet!^^



Number 9587

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