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Well it looks like his search goes on. He needs a pair that is cat proof as well, and turns out his cat isn't a fan of the XB series. I asked again and I am a bit confused on his budget. The first time there wasn't a price issue, now it is only about $200 bucks. A bit of an annoyance.

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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post


Exaggerate much? rolleyes.gif


I have a student with the XB-500, and he loves them too, even after hearing quite a few other headphones (ones that I've let him listen to, mostly).  They definitely aren't for me, but they do fill a certain niche.  My previous comment was mostly some gentle ribbing.


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RPG, Ive read a lot of your posts. This thread to me screams xb500, most people who specify that the phone needs to be "bass heavy" would probably like the xb500. You should get 'em to read your posts about them, youve got some pretty nice stuff about EQ'ing them to balance them out a bit, considering the bass aspect would already be covered...

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If price is not an issue, I'd say get the Pro 900. If it is, what about the HFI-580 or the DJ1?

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