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OSX Lion

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So far so good, I need to clean up a little bit since I organize my applications in custom folders. There are two annoying things I've encountered so far:

1. Backward scrolling - I prefer they give me options to do it either way. Being forced to adapt sucks big time. 

2. Since my macbook still used the old trackpad, I can't use the 3 finger scrolling which make it difficult for me to move between spaces.

This link is helpful to make a disc backup of osx lion or install it on another mac without downloading it again. Do this first before you install it since the installation file will be automatically deleted after you install lion.

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Finally found the settings to fix the backward scrolling, down to one inconvenience now 

What I liked so far:

- new Mail 
- new Address book
- new iCal
- iChat is compatible with yahoo messenger
- Mission Control

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I'm glad they have an option for conventional scrolling. I'm not sure if I'm ready to update, so hopefully your reports may be some help.


How long did it take you to download.

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It took me 20-30 minutes to download, Installation another 30-40 minutes. It's relatively painless. As I mentioned earlier, I need to do some clean up since I organized my applications in folder, otherwise you don't need to do anything. 

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I'm holding out for OS X 10.8: Domestic Short Hair.
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A big complaint I have with Lion is the start up time. Contrary to what they had originally set out to do, I find the boot time has increased comparatively to Snow Leopard. 

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

I'm holding out for OS X 10.8: Domestic Short Hair.

LOL!  I wondered where they could possibly go from the King of the Jungle, and now we know!  Domestic short hair!  Tabby?  Abyssinian? 


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Originally Posted by Erus View Post

A big complaint I have with Lion is the start up time. Contrary to what they had originally set out to do, I find the boot time has increased comparatively to Snow Leopard. 

Not much...  Seems to be about the same as Leopard, but, yes, a wee bit slower than Snow Leopard.  Seems snappy once it's up though.


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I upgraded 4 Macs in my house yesterday.  All of them went off without a hitch.

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Anybody that is using the Amarra software, Amarra doesnt recommend that you upgrade to lion at this time. You can find this quote in this thread that was an email to someone from Amarra.

Others have said they tried it but itunes had to be started in 32 bit mode for ir to work.




Amarra & Lion OS 10.7
Like a lot of Mac users, everyone here on the Amarra team is excited about the release of Mac OS 10.7 “Lion". Apple just released OSX Lion today and you may be wondering how Lion will affect you as an Amarra user.

Should I upgrade?
At this time, we recommend that you DO NOT upgrade your current operating system to Lion.

While this new version of OSX will offer most Mac users some interesting new functionality, it will also come with many more background functions turned on or enabled (i.e Security, Auto Save, iOS look/feel, etc.). While this may be good for general users, it is not good from a Music Server perspective. We want your Amarra Computer Music Player and your Mac focusing on playing back your music, not a few hundred other things going on...
NOTE: Amarra, MINI and Junior have been tested on developer versions of Lion and found to perform as expected. That said, it is always best to wait awhile before upgrading to a brand new operating system as there may be issues in the official release with devices such as DACs and in other areas of the OS. Generally, unknown issues with a new OS get discovered and addressed quickly.

If you do upgrade your current Mac OS to Lion, a few undesirable things could happen:

1) Any OS optimizations you have perfomed will be overwritten/undone.
2) Your Amarra product may sound worse.
3) If you change your OS and need Amarra technical support for Lion, we may have to charge you for a support session.
So what should you do?
Just keep using Amarra, MINI or Junior with your current Mac OS X version. This will help ensure your music playback continues working without disruption or degradation. The last thing we want is for your Amarra Computer Music Player not to work properly when you need it to.

If you must upgrade to Lion, you can set up a separate Snow Leopard partition on your Mac to continue running Amarra. You can learn more about setting up a partition at this article by Apple:




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Originally Posted by kwkarth View Post

I upgraded 4 Macs in my house yesterday.  All of them went off without a hitch.



How is Chrome and Fidelia working out?

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Originally Posted by pigmode View Post

How is Chrome and Fidelia working out?

Chrome is working like a champ.  Havent tried Fidelia.  I'm using VOX and it continues to work very well.  iTunes works fine too, but VOX seems to sound better to my ears, specislly since I use it to play all of my FLAC and high bit rate audio files.


BTW, the new Safari looks cool too...need to play with it more.  Oh, and I don't notice any missing cpu cycles either, even on my MacBook Air.


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I noticed a slower start up time.


The Amarra iTunes plugin is not compatible.


Hear is not compatible.


Bongiovi DSP iTunes is not compatible.


Decibel is running fine.

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I love it. The only thing I haven't really gotten used to yet are spaces. They seem to be a bit random. Otherwise, all is well.



"I think that Lion is really really really awesome. I like it a lot. Everything is exactly as it was. All the settings and spaces were seamlessly transferred. This is really great. So far only one app was reported as incompatible. I don't use that app at all. COmpletely forgot about it. Everything else from first impressions seems great. 1password has some glitches, but there seems to be a fix on their website. All the apps settings were retained and I think it works better. Some issues I had with dashboard and disk utility are gone completely it seems. Install took 12 minutes. It's really snappy. Everything is instant. No TRIM. Disk utility incorrect space show issue is gone. Less permission errors. System log looks okay. At least previous causes for concern seem to have gone. Swipes and scrolls are fine. It's cool with me. One thing is, this screen switching is making me dizzy. It's a tad bit choppy too on my MBP 2009 with 8GB of RAM and an SSD. Love the spelling correction is 3 finger double tap new dictionary. Will be using that feature a lot. Thank you for this new experience, Apple..."
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For those who like to create physical disks of an OS for backup purposes, LifeHacker had an article explaining how to do it with OS X Lion here.  NOT have Lion installed is required though.


For those who have installed Lion, how does Mission Control organize applications' window groups? Are the apps displayed in alphabetical order or is it random?


I might hold off from buying it until the the first update patch is released...I remember having a bunch of problems with the first iteration of Snow Leopard.

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