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For Sale: FS: Meier Concerto amp and StageDAC

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For Sale:
FS: Meier Concerto amp and StageDAC

Will Ship To: US

Selling my awesome Meier-Audio Corda Concerto headphone amp and matching Stage DAC. Both in mint condition. Less than a year old (edit: purchased in December 2010). Still has well over a year on the warranty. Bought straight from Jan Meier in Germany, new. Includes original shipping boxes and instruction manuals. I'll also throw in my Monster M-Series 24k gold-plated turbine RCA interconnects.


This system sounds amazing. Has approximately 100-150 listening hours max on it. I've been using the USB input from my Mac and am always blown away with the clarity, depth, and accuracy of the sound. I've just decided that this investment could be better used somewhere else as I don't listen to these but once a week, if that. 


Not interested in splitting up this combo unless necessary. Does not include shipping or Paypal fees.


I'm also selling my Denon D5000's in a separate post, but would be willing to bundle the whole kit for $1300. 

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Update: The Monster cable is the M650i. Retails at $60. Added photos. Includes original packaging as well.

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Shipped and paypal for $1050 in the US. $1100 anywhere else.  

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