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Amp advice for Westone 4 Under $170

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I have been reading posts about amp for Westone 4, still haven't came out with a conclusion.

My source will be iPhone 3GS + Fiio L9 Line Out > Amp

I want smooth mids and highs, good clarity and detailing. Bass as long as it's tight, should be fine. Doesn't strink the soundstage.


I have been eyeing on

iBasso D2+ Boa

Practical Devices XM4



anything else I should be considering? Please help.


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I don't really have a need for the Fiio E11 but I liked it quite a bit with the W4.

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The Westone 4 will not benefit from amping. 

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If you're listening to an ipod, the W4 already benefits from amping. If you listen via a line out to an amp, you can bypass the internal amp and amp it through an external amp with a different sound signature. I definitely preferred symphonies through the E11.

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the w4 does benefit. its not going to be night and day. 

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Skip all the ipods and amps, won't make much difference. Try a Cowon J3 with EQ and some flacs. Best for Westone iems.

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hmmmm, J3 16GB  = $230 @ my local store


would iphone line out + $230 amp be better?

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You could probably camp for some deals at NCIX or canadacomputers. IMO you can get better sound from tweaking J3's EQ and could really match up to $200+ amps (its just that freaking powerful). Plus going light is always better for on the go.

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LOL okay, I tried J3+TF10, the EQ is really good, brings the TF10 alive, i will dig into that.

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the J3 is good if you want your sound to be colored as the J3's strengths are in tweaking the sound... try listening to it flat and you get what i mean. Neither is good and bad just a preference. If you like to tweak your sound, get the J3, if you're in the camp that likes their music as they are and not artificially colored, get a DAP with a lineout and a quality amp

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