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fiio e11, e5, or cmoybb

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I have been looking at portable amps under $100.  It would be used with an Ipod touch with audeo pfe 112's or sennheiser HD238's.  First off, do I even need an amp for this set up?  I do have the volume at about 80 to 90% most of the time.  Would I gain any sound quality with an amp?


I have narrowed my search down to 3 amps:  the Fiio E5, E11 or cmoybb.  I am thinking of just getting an E5 and see how it works with my set up and if there is a noticeable difference maybe upgrade to the E11 at a later time or build a cmoybb.  Any thoughts or insight is greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance,



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Don`t waste your time with an E5.


Add ibasso T3 to that list also.

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Originally Posted by ExpatinJapan View Post

Don`t waste your time with an E5.


Add ibasso T3 to that list also.


T3 will be slightly over 100 however.  119 + shipping. They'll be closer to 150 than 100.


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Originally Posted by cliffroyroycole View Post

Definitely CmoyBB v3 from JDS labs for $65 shipped on ebay or via JDS Labs direct. A true value and I have owned both the E7 and E5. The JDS amp rocks, no doubt about it.

He was talking Cmoy vs E5 vs E11 though - not vs E7.  E7 and E11 totally different - form factor, use, amplification level.  I'd also say that the E11 is warmer than the E7.


I agree with you on the JDS Cmoy though - it's great value.


OP - you won't go wrong with either the E11 or the JDS Cmoy.  Personally I like the E11 better (size, rechargeable battery, nicely targeted bass boost) - but I only got to hear the Cmoy for a few minutes, and it has a fantastic sound as well.  I'd describe both as being 'warm'.  Both very good value for money IMO.

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And here's a good link for a comparison - all sub $100


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jds cmoy x3. e11 for power, cmoy for musicality

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don't forget to take opamp rolling into the equation when deciding

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Brooko thanks for the link.  I did read through that and that is how I narrowed down the field for sub $100 amps.


Would I see no benefit in the Fiio E5 with the PFE's or Senn's?  I am looking for a bigger sound stage and clearer highs and improved bass.

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I would say cmoy or mini3. I've seen amb mini3s go for under 100 occasionally.

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E11 alllll day everyyyday haha smile_phones.gif

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I was in the same boat two weeks ago.  I wanted to amp my Iphone 4 for use with my RE0's, HF5's, DBA-02's, and S4's through the LOD.  I had been waiting for the E11 for a number of months but as the reviews came out I was not sure about the E11 any longer.  After reading the above thread on sub $100 amps I decided on the JDS Cmoy and could not be happier.  I was shocked by what they did for the sound, especially on the HF5's, they just sound so much "bigger".  The Cmoy seems to make the sound a wee bit warmer but I am loving it.


With that said one of these days I want to try the E11.






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I kind  of like the ability to tweak the cmoy and if I were to go that route I think I would want to build it.  I like the compactness of the E11 and if it performs like the cmoy then I would probably to with it.  I just want to know how the amps will effect the performance of my PFEs and Senn's.  IF both amps will do the same for both my headphones then the E11 would be better for me because is it compact, already built, and the batteries are rechargeable.  I am soo confused!!!

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get the e7 it's always going to be more popular and hold better resale value as people will want them to match with e9's.

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Very dissappointed in the E5's performance.

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The JDS Labs CMOYBB is rechargeable (well, home use-able). The can charge it or use it via using a 9-24v DC Adapter having 1.3mm x 3.5mm DC jack, and to tell you the truth? I can't find any DC adapter fitting those criteria in Australia. Thus, I'm a little bit pooed.




Quote: JDS Labs
Any regulated 9-24V DC power adapter with a 1.3mm x 3.5mm DC jack can be used to power the cMoyBB amplifier. Plugging in a DC power adapter automatically and safely disconnects the 9V battery (it is not a charging circuit).


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