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You could always find some sort of cotton, wool, or something of the sort to stuff in them. or make some new earpads if you decide you dont like them in the long run.

They're air-filled (I assume. A lot of the other old Kossphones use air-filled pads., and meant to have only air-filled pads I can assume. Anything else and there's likely be a bass drop-off. Those air filled pads seal like crazy. But yeah, homemade pads would work at worse case. Koss MIGHT have pads for them though. You can ask. They still have pads for the ancient HV-1's, so you might get lucky.

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But the important thing is sound. OP needs to be able to have a listen and give his impression here. Sound is everything.

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ya idt koss would have them. you know they have an online koss museum for the old headphones and they dont even have this model. they have loads other old models but not this one.. i scoured 60'-90's and nothing on a k/145 and no pictures that looked like this.

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You might as well email them. If they have them, it's only $5 a pair.

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If they don't sound great they might work good as donor shells, new drivers and a rewire would help.  if you don't want them i have some extra drivers that need a home, I could pay you + shipping. Give a price.

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nah idt id sell them. i think if it comes down to bad sound quality ill buy some driver from sennhesier and rewire them myself.

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Looks like the AKG K240 studio drivers are 18. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/142419/which-companies-sell-replacement-drivers. Good luck.  If you do, do something with them keep me posted.

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just curious but if i did decide to change out the drivers what driver could i buy(just the drivers) other than the sennheisers hd25? maybe some outside of sennheisser since i have never owned a pair that was?

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I know Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, and AKG do for sure. I wouldn't imagine any other manufacturer wouldn't sell you drivers if you emailed them.

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what kind would u recomend to fit the dimesnions of about a 2''x4'' driver?(thats about the size of it)

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How big is the driver itself? The housing itself is that large right?

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ya and its ~2'' thick

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AKG sells their K240 studio drivers for $18 each according to the link.  You can email any company and ask them for replacement drivers.

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If you're feeling super adventurous and splurgy, AT sells W5000 drivers for $50 each. I wonder how much W1000X and AD2000 drivers cost. Beyerdynamic sells all their drivers, but they aren't cheap.

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You could always contact Koss and bribe them for a trade of something so they can add them to the museum? Might be fun.

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