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For Sale: FS: Millett Hybrid MiniMax

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For Sale:
FS: Millett Hybrid MiniMax

Will Ship To: Lower 48

For sale is a Millett Hybrid MiniMax.  Unfortunately things have come up in my personal life, and I have to let this jewel of an amp go.  This amp is wonderful and had no problems driving the few cans I had.  The amp is in excellent shape and comes with a set of 12FM6 tubes as well as the power cord.  I'm asking $190.00 + Shipping + paypal fees.  This is cheaper than you can get the kit!!


PM me if you have any other questions.



I have feedback here.  

And HeatWare under "theclaw"

As well as some on ebay.


Due to my limited time, I am unable to ship outside of the US.  Sorry to all you non-US head-fi-ers.  

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How's it sound?

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Originally Posted by benzoylmethyl View Post

How's it sound?

It's a great sounding amp!!  I'm not really all that great at describing how stuff sounds, but there are several threads around the board about this amp!




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Where did you get the kit from? can you post better pictures?

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hellow :) wuts d best price of this? :) will ship internationally to malaysia? is this amp powerful or?


cn drive higher impedence ie 300-600?

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Sorry azizul, but I'm not shipping internationally.   


Thanks for your interest! 

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