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Speakers on a Desk or on Stands

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I have the Audioengine A5's which shoots bass down rather than rear port.  I just ordered the Auralex mopads since they were cheap, but what worries me is the fact that its still shooting its energy downward.


Anyway long story short, the bass is VERY boomy, I mean killer boom here.  Which sounds more like resonance from the glass portion of the desk acting as a giant woofer. 


Anyone know of any good stands(with or without a need for a mounting bracket) that would fit the A5 in case its still far too resonate?


Not expecting extremely high caliber sound out of these but the beast must be tamed ;)

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They can sound really good but are incredibly dependent on positioning. It definitely their biggest downfall, every complaint about them references the boomyness. Once you get them off the desk and perfectly positioned from the rear walls they sound amazing!


I have mine toed in on some black painted cinder blocks with auralex pads about 10" from the wall and they are definitely not boomy.



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Not perfect given the cupboard walls, or the fact sound still bounces off the desk in front of them, but they're at ear height and it was the best I could do given this is what I'm stuck with.


From top to bottom they're simply speaker, the rubber stand that came with them, a painted black steel plate + Mopad (to emulate the Recoil Stabilizer design), and a couple of the heaviest bricks I could find tied up with a bit of string, wrapped up tightly in cheap black fabric and stitched sloppily so they didn't fall apart. I wanted to use concrete bricks, but couldn't find any builder supply places selling them, so just found the densest bricks I could.


The painted cinder block idea is also good, although the wrong size for my speakers and I lack the tools to hack them up. I've lined the speakers/stands up since the photo and toed them in a little more so it looks better!

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I never had to hack mine up... they sell half cinder blocks :)

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I have seen alot of those concrete blocks but they would probably raise the speakers far too high for my personal use.  I was thinking more of an actual adjustable stand.  I really like the tripod ones.  But they don't seem to be made for these kinds of speakers.  Granted with the mopads I can aim them down.


Regardless I know the mopads will help regardless, just cant wait to hear these things in their true glory.  They actually sound rather good, its jus tthe resonance thats unbearable.  Its like the equivalent of sibilance to my ears.

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Just use concrete bricks instead. You can stack as many/few as you need to get the speakers to ear height. Disguise either by painting or draping with fabric.

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Is there any website I can buy these at then ;)?  Painting them or making them discrete is no problem.  Its obtaining them that might be.


If I used the concrete blocks I would stick some foam in the center, wrap them in anti-vibration pads like what they sell at frozen-cpu, then cover it up in a cheap black fabric.  A bit overkill but, I can dig it. 

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If you have concrete blocks they should be more than capable of isolating the monitors on their own. Many people with floorstanding speakers sit them on granite slabs.


Look up local builders merchants/trade places, or DIY stores. Over here in the UK they are dime-a-dozen. Unfortunately in my case everyone here uses every type of brick except concrete, so I had to make do with something else. However that part of my stand was more about raising the height than anything else, the thick and extremely heavy steel plate, Mopads, and rubber mat will provide the isolation.

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Yea I jsut installed the mopads last night.  I would say most resonances have been eliminated with just that, difference in clarity is night and day(not audiophile night and day, literal night and day), the bass doesn't turn my desk into a woofer and drown out all other sounds as well as annoy my ears.


Its still there once in a while but its very slight, the mopads alone bring the speakers to or around my ideal listening angle.  Still I am going to try to get a hole of those blocks, If that can mute it out to the point only a true speakerphile can hear it I will be happy.

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You can put blocks underneath, or an alternative is to source a couple of mild steel plates (there are people on ebay that will cut to size, for example) about 6-10mm, paint it with some Hammerite or some similar metal paint, and put that on the Mopads. You then essentially have 2/3rd of the much more expensive Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer monitor stands (the remaining 1/3rd is a layer of dense rubber on the top).


Then there's only desk reflections to sort out!

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By the way you can check out or something similar.  Might help a little bit with reflections, not sure 100% as I don't know what they sounds like.  Looked for the steel plate on ebay but there wasn't much selection.  Are these things greased by any chance?

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Mine came with a reddish layer of anti-corrosive stuff. I just painted straight onto it with Hammerite. The guy on eBay I used... you had to message him with what you wanted and he created a listing for you.

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Yea the hammerite looks to be priced quite right as well.  Considering costs and the fact that no matter which route I take I can still use both parts i'll definitely order two small slabs.


I should take a picture of my desk though, considering the size of my screen its a bit hard to work with. (32in, desk width is ~50in... have the perfect amount of clearance without it touching the screen.  Until I angle them.

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