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For Sale: Pending: Little Dot MKIII (240v)

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For Sale:
Pending: Little Dot MKIII (240v)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Just preemptively creating a thread for something that looks like it'll be sold tomorrow so we can do feedback while I am there. If you're interested, in case the sale falls through, send me a PM.

No shipping


It uses Big Shield Mullard M8100s.

Full price is $100, if the sale falls through. But I am willing to accept other offers. Price listed is the current pending price.


$5 extra if you want a power cable, though I'd prefer you get it yourself (about $7 from jaycar). I'll bring one so you can try out the amp anyway

Includes free nice RCA cables (short, but nice quality).

You're free to try before you buy, and I can bring a stax setup around if you like. I'll also explain how the gain switches work, as well as some niggles typical with amps at this price level (and how to fix/deal with them)

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