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The one who did Steve Jobs is going to win, it goes up by 20 votes a day. Currently sitting at 100, i'll try my best to play catch up with my Dos Equis ad (Which I rushed, hence why it looks bad). Currently I am at 48 likes, so wish me luck other head-fiers, and if you want to you could like my photo.


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This is almost as bad as the Mp4Nation's B2 giveaway.


The one where the guy with 3 facebook accounts play the number game all night by himself for 2 days for an easy win. 200 people cast 4000 'ballots', but in actual fact, a single guy might have cast 1000 votes by himself.

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I also did one. Mine is the one about the kittens :D But yeah it's bad because the ones who have more likes aren't even the better shopped ones.


Oh btw if you want u could vote for mine :D

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Ahaar through the mastery of Twitter and Youtube and friendship I shall win this one - I hope.


Mines the old spice guy -currently at 40 :D


Tactic 1 - Offer Bespoke High Fives to each 'liker' through facebook


Tactic 2 - Get friends to put it as their status.


Tactic 3 - Tweet it. then tweet it on some celebs pages


Tactic 4 - Get your youtubing brother to help you out :D


Best of luck :D

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Thanks for entering, everyone!

It was really fun to see all of the pictures that poured in.


1st place photo - Steve Jobs

2nd place photo - Old Spice guy

3rd place photo - the Enhancement guy


While there's no way to stop a couple fakes from hitting Like, it's obvious that people really pushed their Facebook friends to help them. Like Dom d B said, Twitter and YouTube also come in handy.


We'll be launching another contest similar to this one with another cool big prize, but that one will be even easier to participate in, so I hope you all enter again!


cheers ksc75smile.gif

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fun contest, gratz to the winner!

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When's the new contest going to be up? I was expecting it on the 15th like the previous months

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It should be up (hopefully) sometime next week.

We've been designing our presentations, floor plan, experience, etc for CES.


We'll make an announcement here on Head-Fi when the next contest is live. We have some fun stuff planned. Stay tuned.

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