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Moving from Denon D5000 full size to IEM, need advice.

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Hey y'all. I'm currently running the Denon D5000s with a Meier Stage DAC and Concerto amp that I'm selling and move into the less expensive, simpler, and smaller world of an IEM sans amp. 


I really like the sound of the D5000, it's warm (to me), kind of laid back, and a bit deep in the low end. I had a pair of Shure's a while back (don't remember which one) and they were uncomfortable and fatiguing to listen to because of how bright they were. I'd take a heavy low end over a bright high end. 


Any rough recommendations? Budget would be under $200 ideally. I know, search search. There just seems to be sooo many options, I am overwhelmed. Took me months just to settle on the Meier/Denon combo. 

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In my opinion, UE Triple.fi 10 Pro are quite similar to the D5000 sound signature.

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I also have the D5000 amped and conected to a dedicated dac-ups. I am very satisfed with this set but the issue is that is not portable and I get to use it less than I expected. So I  went though the same dilema as you but yet decided not sell this rig. Instead I decided to burn some more money and after trying various IEM decided to go for the Shure SE535 which I compared with the IE8 and the Dave Milies from Monster. At the end I felt the SE535 being much more close to what I am used to get through the D5000, as you said a warmer sound and yet rather relaxed and not fatigue at all. So if you like the signature of the Denons you may want give a try to the Shure. Note that the IEM way is a big run and it is not less expensive than the overhead way. The path to discover a great sound is very fun and never ends while keeping in mind that the most important is the music. 


Hope that I could help and enjoy the hunt.




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I own a pair of D7000 and after a lot of searching found the GR07 offer a very similar sound to the D7000 and is bang for the buck darn near unbeatable.
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MTP Gold, GR07, Sennheiser IE8, Sony EX600 and TF10Pro.

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I came also from the 5000's and now im with the SE535's.

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The GR07 looks promising. I can't seem to find anywhere online that sells them though (at least not through google). Any input there Dweaver? How is durability with your pair? One reviewer quipped about the cable entry point on the earpiece being a little shoddy and coming apart. 

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The price difference between the Vsonic's ($150) and the SE535 ($450) is pretty dramatic. It's kind of ironic having to choose audio equipment only through the silence of reading and typing. :) Reviews are so subjective. The SE535's look very nice indeed. Anyone had a chance to listen to both? 


The reviews of the IE8's are pretty intriguing too. Warm, solid smooth bass, good build quality, lots of fitment options. I've seen these and the IE7's pretty much all over this board. 

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Nothing else to add?

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Seems like everyone has something different to say.. I'll just throw in Ortofon e-Q5 as well, to me they sounded very much like the D5000 when I compared them. But then, I have only auditioned the D5000 and never owned them.

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I recommend lendmeurears but actually bought on eBay from ww.earphones. They are both good resellers but the first is authorized.

I find these very comfortable and they seem solidly built. I would say well above average for quality.

I also own the SM3 and have owned the Monster Turbine Copper and Gold, as well as the the Sennheiser IE8 and prefer to GR07 over all of them sonically speaking. But while they are like my D7000 they may not be that way for your D5000 which I believe has a heavier bass so your might want to take that into consideration
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