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Koss KSC75 or Senn HD 515

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Hello everybody.  Please forgive any noobishness I may put forth, as I am a headphone noob.


Here is the question + some details:


Are the Sennheiser HD 515's (or comparbly priced cans) worth the $35ish price over a pair of Koss KSC75's?


My budget is right at $50 US.  There is a decent chance I could part with another $50, in which case I think the 555's or ATH-AD700's would be my choice.


Primary use is going to be through a Turtle Bease DSS or Astro Mixamp for XBOX 360.  Secondary use is going to be for a Line6 POD HD 300.


I currently have a pair of Yamaha RH2C's... I know they sound bad.  I'm hoping my budget will allow me something better.


Thanks to all who respond in advance.

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Welcome to Head-Fi. We're sorry about your wallet.

I personally think it's definitely worth to spend the extra $50. The HD 555 would be an excellent choice at $100. Get the 50 ohm version though, since with the 120 ohm version an amp would be more essential.

Two other headphones you should look into are the AKG K 240's and the Grado SR80i.

You should probably do your own research as to which is better. The best would be to audition, but I know that in many cases that's not possible.
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Went with JVC HA-RX700.


Already tried modding my Yamaha RC2H's... stuffing some cotton wad under the ear cushions to put the driver farther from my ears.  That made a difference, everything is more defined.


Gonna do the JVC mods as well.  Found this: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/435809/jvc-ha-rx700-mods


I can tell I am just starting to wade into a REALLY deep lake.

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And if you and your wallet don't want to get sucked in, you better leave this site right now.wink_face.gif  Though I must say, it's a very nice lake to be in.

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Got the DSS and the JVC's setup last night with Black Ops on the 360.


I've read Mad Lust Envy's thread on Dolby Digital gaming setups, and I know the RX700's were not rated well for digital audio gaming.  Maybe its because I'm coming from Tritton Ax Pro's, or maybe its because I'm a noob and I don't know what good soundstage is.  BUT... I felt like I was cheating.  I haven't modded the JVC's yet, I know that the mods should open up the soundstage for me.  The biggest difference that I could tell were the directional cues.  With the Tritton's, directional cues had more to do with me mechanically telling which sound came out of which driver and less to do with the cue actually feeling/sounding like it came from where it really was in the game world.  With the DSS and these RX700's I can hear everything and tell instantly where it is.  "He must be behind me because I just heard him reload 10 feet away to my rear/slight right and up some stairs".  I had to keep myself from physically looking behind me and around the room to see if there really was somebody there.


Wow... just wow, and for just over $100 for the whole flippin setup.

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Nice!  I'm glad the HARX700 is working out for ya.  If it works that well for gaming just imagine what it will do for your music.smily_headphones1.gif

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