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first of all I'm not sure if it is the right category to put this thread into :/ If not, I hope mod will move it.


So I am a drummer, and I need some advice about what gear should I buy to use IEMs comfortably on stage.


What I need to hear is: metronome, samples played from laptop through USB interface (Alesis IO2), and a little bit of instruments. For now I used NuForce NE-6 connected to TD-3 drum module (which I use as a metronome), and input for TD-3 was stereo signal from USB interface (TD-3 can bypass input signal or mix it with built-in metronome, which is very handy, cause I dont have to change source for my headphones). Right channel from laptop is soundtrack, and left channel is metronome. It is like that, because when we play song with soundtrack , I need metronome coupled with audio, but we also need clear (in this case mono) signal with soundtrack to send it to main speakers. I also use monitor speaker, on which I have all the instruments.


The cons of this solution is that I need my monitor speaker really loud to hear anything through IEMs. It is not allowed because of noise on the scene. Another weakness is that I just burned my Nuforce NE-7 on the last show =)) I burned it, beacause everytime I want to stand up, I need to unplug them. I don't have wireless system :( So I used cable extension sticked to my drum throne and pluged it in and out.


What I'm thinking about doing right now is:


Buying SoundMAGIC PL50 (cheap, but I believe good IEMs)

Buying FiiO E5, E7 or E11 (or SoundMAGIC A10)


connecting interface through phones output to my M-Audio NRV-10 Mixer (which I have, but never used on stage). Connecting monitor signal with mix of instruments into the same mixer. Connecting output signal from NRV-10 to TD-3 Drum module. Signal from TD-3 will be going to FiiO sticked to my drum throne ^^ And than I can always turn FiiO off easily to plug out my phones. In this case I have everything on my IEMs and I don't need monitor speaker.


Another option is connecting everything to mixer (also metronome) and signal from mixer going to my FiiO. But this is just cosmetic change.


NRV 10 is both analog mixer and digital interface, but we don't have firewire in netbook we are using. Only USB. Is there any solution on the martket ommiting buying an iMac :P? It would be great if we could use NRV10 both as mixer for my signal, and interface to play soundtrack (less cables, better sound quality than Alesis IO2 and on and on).


I would like to hear from you what is the best solution and the best gear for me :) I have very limited budget right now, because of a lot of purchuases made last time. Will the SoundMAGIC PL50 be good for my purposes? I don't want to burn earphones again :P Which AMP should I buy?


I hope my post is understandable. I'm sorry for my rough english, I live in Poland. Next gig is coming this week, so I would really appreciate some fast feedback :)