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For Trade: FT: Sony SA-5000 [AUS]

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For Trade:
FT: Sony SA-5000 [AUS]

Will Ship To: Australia only

I have a set of Sony SA-5000s in perfect condition with original box and stand. I've been thinking about trying something different. Ideally I'm thinking some HD650s but I'm open to other suggestions. They need to be in the same price range as the Sony's though.


PM me any offers. I can send pics if you want to see them but there isn't much to see, they look like you'd expect a set of SA-5000s that have been looked after.

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You said in the price range of the SA5000, how much is that exactly?

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I'd be interested in trading my Precide Ergo 2 and/or MS-1 and/or $$$ for your SA5000, but sadly I'm not in Australia. PM me if by any chance interested...
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I think around the $300 mark. Happy to negotiate for a specific trade.

What I am really after is a set of HD650s with either the SAA or Zu cables.

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Interested in the Sony EX600 and MDR-V6?


I can ship with DHL, next day delivery.



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