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Denon AD-D1100 vs Grado SR125I

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Opinions? Also I am open to other suggestions, if there are any. I'm looking for something around that price, probably a bit cheaper. (200ish) Genres: Punk Rock, Rock, Blues, Folk, Indie, Dubstep.

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I would not hesitate to vote for the Grados. Your ears are in the right place with Grado, though you are not in good hands with Allstate, I just read. I but there are many who would say the Grado 60 would be good enough given the price area you are in, though best way to make better would be to simply give up eating, sell some blood, and buy the sweetest in the lower end of the Grado line and buy the 225i which I have along with the other Prestige series Grado cans and which beat all others including the 325i. Lower end Denon too much bass like their adult versions and not real happy in the middle to point I gave my Denon 2000 to son after paying much money for it (he lost or destroyed them...just another price one pays for reproducing).





P. S. You are clearly a literate man. Thanks for not writing in lower text message format. You can be CEO of my next company any day.

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Sounds like a plan lol. Also thanks for the advice, I might see if I can find these online for cheaper than at my local store (284....) Hopefully I can. What do you think about the FA-003 btw? Worth it, or just go for the SR225i?

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Go for the SR225i, or if you prefer the flat pads and don't have an amp, Alessandro MS1i and a Little Dot 1+ make a great combo for around the same price.

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I like the idea of that Allie MS1i and LD1+... sounds like a pretty fun combo. The MS1 is basically a SR125 with a miniplug. I was always a fan of them brining the SR225 down to 150 and just discontinuing the SR-125.

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Those two headphones have very different sound signatures. I would suggest you try them both out in a store, if possible.


I own the AH-D1100 and love them.


A decision between those two will be a question of preference.

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