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Headphone for mother

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I got my mom a Sansa Clip+ awhile back but she's still using the crappy supplied earbuds.  I was letting her listen to my SR225s through my HM-601 and she loved them, she asked me how much they cost and all that.  She doesn't want to spend that much so I was going to look into a pair of SR60s, but I was wondering if there was a comparatively priced closed headphone for around the same money.  She told me she liked the SR225s because they blocked out the other sounds and she only heard the music (not hard to understand if she's been using crappy earbuds all the time), so I thought I'd also look into some closed headphones.


Suggestions?  She listen to pretty much every type of music out there so I can't really pinpoint a pair based on musical preferences, but she really liked the Grados.

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My mother like her KSC75 I gave her with my old Sansa player


cheap, and she likes the comfort.


But fullsized, go for RX-HTX7

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