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I just got the SE535's about a week and a half ago. I have a mid-2011 Macbook Pro also. I immediately noticed the hissing noise also. I immediately headed to my local hi-fi store to try to figure out what it was that was causing the issue. The bozo at the store could not give me a straight answer but instead tried to sell me an Audioquest Dragonfly instead because he thought it "might" fix it. I had already done plenty of research and was going to buy the Dragonfly before he even brought it up. I knew that wouldn't fix it. I purchased the Dragonfly from my local Best Buy the same day because he wanted to charge me $250 for the version 1.0 when I already knew I could get the 1.2 from Best Buy for $99. But that is beside the point. If you just plug the inline volume control into the MB Pro first and then the SE535 into volume control. Put the IEMs in and then adjust the inline control down just enough to where the hiss is no longer audible. Voila! Not only will the terrible hiss be gone, but this will also allow your MB Pro to have a much larger system volume range to work with when changing the volume. BTW, the Dragonfly is definitely worth your time if you're planning on getting a DAC anytime soon for your computer.