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Thanks, I will look around and see if I can get a listen at a HD600!

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bumping this as there has been activity regarding the 272 on the er4s thread - maybe here is better.

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There must only be about 6 people globally who have RE-272s that still work. I had a pair once - sounded great until they broke about two months later.

I have had RE252,262,272 and RE400 and they all fell apart quicker than an Italian government. Maybe people in China wear velvet gloves and space helmets to protect their IEMs, I dunno, but Hifiman can't be ignorant of their own rubbish production standards surely?
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I've got two pairs and both of them are working fine so we are up to 8 globally.

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One here! 

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That's 2 people by my count.
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i also have 2 pairs , one broke after 2.5 years of use and i just got  warranty pair , so hopefully i will make it through 2015


so far , 3 people still in possession of 272 - i wish Hifiman would bring it back in production...

btw, agharta ---> great nickname , the 'electric' era of Miles Davis is in my favourite musics ever


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You should introduce your 272s to each other - see if they can make a new generation.

@ Proedros - thanks. Nobody blows his own trumpet like Miles.
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Originally Posted by pauldgroot View Post

Thanks, I will look around and see if I can get a listen at a HD600!

hmm ive get my HD600's on just now.  while i can see they share the openness, that distance, and the 600 is fairly treble happy they lack that in your faceness.  the 272 can feel like they hurlnig detail at you and the hd600 are much more laid back back about it.


of course the HD600's are truly excellent so do give them a go if you can.

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They are on their way, monday will be a good day for me. HD600 and iBasso DX90.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn MI 3W met Tapatalk
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sorry for your wallet :beerchug:

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Please send your wallet to me and I will nurse it better.
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I have one as well, collecting dust here because of fit. What eartips do you guys use ?

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Haha my wallet is fine and catering to my lovely hobby. 


@hifimat, I had trouble finding tips that suited my ears. From the collection Hifiman offers you with the RE272's only the medium sized ones fit me kinda ok. Then I got a pair of Vsonic GR99's to try for my lady and I tried all of those tips and found out that the medium sized one from that set fit me much better. Later I filled the silicone with a ring of foam to get more outward pressure on them and that worked quite well but I missed some isolation so I looked at some foamies. I bought some Shure Olive tips in medium size but I found out those were a bit too small for my ears so I bought the larger ones which fit me great. 


Later though I found out that these tips took away some of the highs (10Khz and up) which made me use my EQ which I hate. So I tried the medium size olives again but this time wearing the 272's over my ear. This was last week and it sounds amazing, the sparkle is back and no problems with isolation! I think my tips go all the way down till the bend in my ear canal. Bass has more rumble/impact with foamies and the isolation plus comfort has increased a lot.


Please note that the Shure Olives have a much smaller nozzle diameter so I had to modify them. On my first pair I heated a screwdriver and streched the plastic tube a bit till it kinda fit the 272's nozzle. This worked but I needed quite some force to get them on the nozzles. Now I cut out the nozzle of some unused pair of silicone tips and ripped out the nozzle that was in the Shure tips. Then simply put the silicone nozzle on the 272's first and slide over the foam tips. I can post some pics if someone would like to see them.

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Originally Posted by hifimat View Post

I have one as well, collecting dust here because of fit. What eartips do you guys use ?


the stock tips don't do the trick for me - i use the stock tips from my ortofon EQ5 and sometimes the sony fake hybrid tips

try some silicon tips with wide bore , or any other tips than the stock ones

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