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I bought the tdk eb-750 IEM;


as a oh sh*t I forgot my headphones purchase at an airport for only $40 I think they are quite impressive


Crisp mids

average bass

a bit too much treble



but overall a bargain anyone else have these ?


Just wanted to share thoughts see what people thought



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I have a pair of them, they aren't bad for the price.

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I have them though i bought em for just around $20.. at first i regreted buying this but after the burn in i was like" is this the same hadphones i bought?".



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wish there are more reviews on this model

saw a pair of sale.... he he

around $12. wonder whether i shud buy that for general duty ... 

wonder how they compare to the Philips she3580.  Anyone?

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^^^^ for 12 bucks get them. I never heard the Phillips but the TDK's sound quite good and are worth more than $12 for the build quality alone.
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use the search in here, usually can find most models, at least a mention of most models within posts as well.

This is the most current one might have comparisons to that Philips also but I forget.

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