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Seattle meet AUGUST 20, 2011  

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OK guys it has been a little while for a usual Seattle meet. Some of the usual crew has been tied up. In the next few days I will update the thread. It will be in Seattle Proper. In a new spot. I will start the list.



August 20, 2011

Queen Anne Library


400 W. Garfield St.
Seattle, WA 98119

11am till 430


The Queen Anne Branch is located at 400 W. Garfield St.


Location of the Queen Anne Branch of The Seattle Public Library


Driving from the north or south via I-5:

  • Take I-5 exit 167 at Mercer St.
  • At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Fairview Ave. N. Go 1 block to stoplight and turn left onto Valley St.
  • Go 3 blocks west on Valley St.(Note: Valley becomes Broad St. after it crosses over Westlake Ave.)
  • After crossing over Westlake Ave., continue on Broad St. for 5 blocks to 5th Ave. and go 3 blocks to Roy St.
  • Turn left on Roy and go 7 blocks to Queen Anne Ave. N.
  • Turn right on Queen Anne and go up the hill 8 blocks north to Garfield St.
  • Turn left on Garfield St. and go 5 blocks west to 4th Ave. W.


There is ample street parking available.

Metro Bus Information

Served by Metro Bus Routes: 2, 13

Metro Bus Trip Planner (Opens a new window)


MOT List:


1. Doc B. Bottlehead Corporation





2. equus

3. KingStyles

4. Poetik

5. panfish

6. sachu

7. curbfeeler

8. milosolo

9. squirelrepublic

10. pseudohippy

11.  asr

12. markj

13. iamoneagain

14. tink97

15. Barra

16. Vonx

18. miceblue

19. Wharfrat

20. rodrad












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Ditto to what Kinsgstyles said.  o2smile.gif

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Oooooo, it's about that time.  I was wondering when the next one was gonna be!!

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1st post updated.

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.double post

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Lol what? I post on the thread and I don't get added?  Gil, that is straight up booty sauce right there!!

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Why you frontin' like that Ced Tha Playa. u izz on da list mang.

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Now I am, WOoooOOOOooo!!


Capitalize the P!!!!

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Just curious, is there a backdoor or an easier door for loading equipment then the front door?

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yes, its in the basement

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Cool, how big is the room? Did I read it had a wheelchair ramp going down to it? Is 11 the earliest we can get in to setup or is that what time the doors open? Sorry about all the question. I guess I am excited.

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99 people, yes there is a wheel chair ramp. 11am is the earliest.

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I missed the last one or two.  Count me in on this one.  Thanks Gil - again.

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Awesomeness.  Shall I bring both the Stacker and the Liquid Fire?  evil_smiley.gif

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