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Surround sound (5.1) headphones for ps3 (optical).

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I've been toying with the idea of getting a pair of headphones for may playstation 3 that... well I live in a block apartment so a good 5.1 sound system is not really an option so I'm thinking about headphones that try to mimick that. 
Did a few searches and it seems that 90% or responses to threads about these headphones are along the lines of "5.1 headphones suck, you dont want them anyway, get ad700". Though the thing that I noticed is that most people here discard these headphones and then mention that they have never used them. Many claim that you can get better "surround sound" with quelity stereo headphones which I find hard to believe because it seems like a contradiction it terms.
So anyway, has anyone here had any experience with 5.1 headphones and tried different ones? Seems to me most people here use their headphones for music but there's got to be a few gamers too :)
P.S. Just to get the ball rolling, has anyone tried headphones form Triton, Sharkoon or Sennheiser RS series?


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It looks like you ave found your answer already. Multiple drivers per ear is a gimmick. Its true, you only need traditional stereo headphones, along with a surround sound decoder, like a Mixamp, DSS, SU-DH1, Headzone or Realiser.


Think about it, you have two ears, not five. You hear things from two directions. Your body interprets sound position based on how the sound is altered from the environment before reaching your ear. A surround sound decoder, adds effects to each channel so that is sounds like it originated from different positions. Think about how small your ear canals are, all the sound, front, back, side, comes together and enters through that tiny hole. Headphones can create a sound that appears to be behind you, even though it is coming from the side. it does not have to be angled in some magical way, your brain is smart. I am not an audiologist, so don't take my word as perfect, but just think about it for yourself.


As for the AD700 are the best for sound positioning, from what I have read. They may not be the best for you depending on what you are looking for, movies, casual gaming, hardcore gaming. If it was for movies I would try and find a Victor SU-DH1 because it decodes DTS. If its mostly games, a Mixamp is likely better. I hear it has a better amp section and it can adjust the game mic volume independently.


I am sure you have seen this page


It is a bit long but definitely the best place to look. Someone there may be able to answer your question better than I could.

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This thread might be a good place to start for info on that, especially since you're gaming from a console. Lots of good stuff there, especially in the first post.

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