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Cowon J3 question

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I've been looking around on the net for several hours and haven't seen an answer to this so I figured I'd register to ask.


I currently have an iPhone 3GS and am considering a Cowon J3. My question is whether or not the J3 would be a SQ upgrade over the 3GS if I'm not interested in messing with the EQ functions of either and just leave them flat.


My headphones that I typically use are Westone 4s.


Thanks in advance, sorry if this has been answered before I searched as best I could.

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I've received my J3 few days ago and  I had a iPhone 3GS. They both sound good, except J3 has a more powerful and clean output.

So speaking on a FLAT EQ perspective, J3 is a bit better than 3GS.

Then, if you like coloured sound and love to use EQ, then J3 is clearly more efficient than the 3GS. BBE will be really interesting.

I don't use them a lot because I prefer neutral sound, but I may enjoy it for some hp hp or house songs and it's pretty good.

You won't regret to move from 3GS to J3... escept you won't be able to call yor friends with Coowon's player ofc lol :P.


I hope it helps :)

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