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I think the M50s are a good choice. As far as sweating issues, you can make the experience more comfortable by tweaking the headhpones and earcups to your preference. Of course you can't make a headphone that fits every single person's head perfectly without adjustment. As far as the beat studios go, they are extremely comfortable to wear (in my experience), and the bass is actually nice and not too heavy ( wouldn't call it muddy ). The sound is actually the muddy part, I find the bass to be very clear. If you put on Alison Krauss & Union Station with the beats you will be missing out on so much content, as goes with most Jazz and classical. If you are just listening to Lil Wayne, the beats work wonders, but if you have any diversity in your music preferences, then something a bit flatter, albeit richer will be the way to go. 

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just got a LE version on sale from US :) people say it is the best value one under 200, cannot wait to see

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