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I have some Skullcady Titan and I'm planning to buy new headphones but I really can't decide, I was thinking maybe the Sennheiser HD202 because of the great comments it had but as soon as I got into this website I kept reading nothing but bad comments, those also mentioned the Koss PortaPro to be much better.
So I did a little research about them and it seems like almost everyone likes them, but i have a little problem, It's design, I really don't like it.
Then I came up with the SportaPro's which I like (visually speaking) more.

Ah I almost forgot, I mostly listen to Rap, a little bit of electronic, rock and some pop.
I use them to go to school, in the bus, sometimes during classes, at home, and when I travel (which is not very often).


So my questions are:

1.-Is there really a lot of difference between the PortaPro's and the Sporta?

2.-If I choose either the SportaPro's or the Porta will the difference (in sound quality) be felt compared to the Skullcandy Titan? Please don't answer this question just because you hate Skullcandy I'm trying to be guided not misguided.



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