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Good driver for 1.1cu ft sealed box?

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I currently have Energy C3 bookshelf speakers with a low-tuned ported 6.5" subwoofer I built with this plate amp. I've been super-pleased with the tiny subwoofer and it was a great apartment setup, but I have it in a bigger room now and the midbass energy is not there in the kick drums (not that it really ever was, but in a small apartment room...)


From my car audio days I already have a nice 1.1-1.2 cu ft sealed MDF subwoofer box made out of 2 layers of 1/2" MDF. What would be a good cheap <$100 driver to put in it? What about amps? I was thinking about one of these $50 drivers or this $30 driver and this amp, but I know that matching a driver to a box is complicated. I only care about music quality and I mostly listen to stuff like Steely Dan and Dire Straits with some Isis thrown in.


I know that buying bigger speakers is probably the proper thing to do for my larger room, but I think maybe a sealed 10" sub might get me some low end back. Maybe I should build two 10" sealed speakers, put them under my C-3s, and cross them over higher than pure subwoofers?

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There are tons of people building their own subs here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=155


Might get more responses asking at a speaker forum than a headphone forum

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Maybe ask the folks at Madisound for a recommendation. They have a wide variety of subs and also design boxes. They could recommend a good fit.
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   Go have look at this 10" sub woofer it prefect a small sealed sub.Part Express does others that also will do what you are looking for but the one in link is your best bet.I'm using one(model MKII) in the powered sub I made some 7 years ago it does the what I want prefect have a look.


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