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Nokia X1 : top notch audio quality for under 60$?

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Today ,I decided to experiment and forget about expensive high end phones for a while, so I went ahead and bought Nokia X1-01. I got this model mainly for two reasons: ultra cheap, 3.5mm+memory card support. As a phone it is a very ordinary budget phone with the support of 2 simultaneously working SIM cards. It also has some kind of spill proof body.There was nothing ordinary, however, when I turned on the music player... I have owned : Sansa Clip+ , Samsung Vibrant, Nokia 5800, iPhones..  I can safely say that Nokia X1 is not lagging behind them in any aspects of the sound quality. The loudness is just like on Clip+. The S/N ratio seems to be very good, I could not notice anything with Triple.Fis. The stereo imaging and instrument separations is very good, not worse than Voodoo Mod Vibrant. The sound is on the warm side, the high frequencies are somewhat laid back relaxed, bass is very prominent and punchy. What really liked is the dynamic range and speed! Music was so engaging out of this little phone, I could not believe that.  One thing is sure that this little thing blows 5800,and 5310 out of the water just like that. 5800 and 5310 both seem compressed and congested in comparison. In terms of usability this phone is ultra basic, no fast forward , no EQ, no playlsts just straight list of all songs. The only good thing is that you have folder navigation and binary ratings.







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interesting indeed

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I've just ordered this phone thanks to you.

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How is the FM radio? Is it loud enough and has decent reception? Can you control the radio functions through the hardware playback controls on the side? Does it have a  radio recording feature?

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is that the "X1 01" or the "X1 02"? they look exactly the same except for the 01 or 02 on the back I think.


also, what audio files suports? and hows the battery life?

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-FM radio gets pretty good reception and the sound quality overall on par with 10x more expensive phones .It is quite loud on my Triple.Fis, on maximum levels it is unbearable.No recording feature. Dedicated buttons on the side can switch between 30 stations and the play/pause button acts as mute button. This phone is super basic. Not even web browser, and that is the beauty of this thing!


-I only play mp3s on it.I suppose it should be able to handle typical file types. For sure no FLAC support.


-The one that I have is X1-01 with dual SIM support.There are two versions with single and dual SIM support. I do not think X1-02 actually exists.



- The battery is 1230Mah from the bigger phones like 5800 and alike. When using with single SIM this phone is capable of holding up in stand-by mode for 46 days. I usually charge once in three days.


I just discovered that it is 900/1800 Mhz dual band, so no US love from this phone. I am currently in Europe... I will have to abduct this little guy when I go back to Blacksburg...


The build quality is surprisingly solid for such a cheapo phone. 


As far as I can see X1 uses dedicated music hardware which is not surprising since S30 phones do not have stereo mp3 support (my assumption). Another thing that suggests the use of dedicated hardware is the fact that during little lags and hangups the music playback never-ever gets interrupted...







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Thanks. Tempting me enough to try out this cheapo. Sadly my iphone doesn't have fm radio if i ever want to tune in to it on the go. Even carrying the ipod classic with me doesn't help much you know.

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I followed your advice,it was even less then 50 bucks and now I am enjoying it,yes really good sound,it accommodated my full 16G card without any lag and it plays all mp3.Thanks for advice,I just needed simple phone.

You can listen music while trying these difficult to connect up country numbers.

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Hi, can you please tell me how the SQ compare with Clip+ for mp3 320 kbps?Also the alarm clock is with speaking clock, or you can add your own tune?Is the battery life really 1 week, if you use only 1 sim?

Many thanks.Levi

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Unfortunately my Clip+ broke down so I can not make an A-B comparison. But from what I remember X1 is definitely comparable to Clip+ on any bitrates when using Triple.fi s.

Personally I like X1 more, it has more airy and easy going sound quality with surprisingly punchy bass. The battery is very good, it can last very very long. After 8 hours of playback only a quarter of battery is consumed. You can set custom alarm/ringing tones from the music player.


The only serious drawback that I have encountered is the lack of fast forward. I hope Nokia will fix that in the future.

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Not available in the USA.

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Thank you very much for that.But the phone will support only mp3 files right?Can it play 320 kbps mp3 tracks?

This is amazing if will sound better then Clip+.I want to buy one asap and use it with my Westone 4.

How is the radio?RDS or simple?Reception is good?


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There are plenty on Ebay.co.uk


Originally Posted by kmhaynes View Post

Not available in the USA.


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It doesn't sound as good as my Rockboxed Clip+ in my opinion.

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Can somebody who have the both Clip+ and Nokia X1 compare the SQ with 320 mp3?How is battery life for a single sim..

Is it true that last 2 weeks?Radio sounds better then Clip+?

Many thanks, Levi

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