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Where are reviews for Peachtree DaciT?

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Is it too early? Or is it just getting passed over for whatever reason? It seems like a great new DAC especially for USB users, but it's hard to buy something that has not been reviewed by anyone. I can't interpret tech specs, am I missing some glaring fault? I'm looking for a great USB DAC around $500 and it seems like UBS technology is getting better and better, so it makes sense to buy something new opposed to old. Peachtree's other products are reviewed by everyone, and typically get pretty great reviews ... any thoughts?

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Is it too early?... Peachtree's other products are reviewed by everyone, and typically get pretty great reviews ... any thoughts?


The DaciT just became available.  Give it a little time.


The Peachtree iDac has been reviewed.




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I doubt they would make a completely new DAC design for this product, so if you are concerned about the sound quality what has been said about their older products most likely still holds.

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I have the Dac*it.  Unfortunately it is my first dac and i have nothing to compare it too.  i am also looking for reviews

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If your interested, Stereophile reviewed it.

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I don't agree with the glowing reviews here. The DacIt sounded absolutely identical to my Squeezebox Touch analog outputs for the first day, then was only very marginally better after about 2-3 days of burn in. The cheaper Bifrost sounded noticeably better in every area over both right out of the box, and improved further with burn in. My sytem was a Kenwood KA-3500 vintage stereo>>HD800. The only variable was that I was able to use my aftermarket powercord (Decware DHC1) in the Bifrost but not the Peachtree due to it's lack of an IEC input. I didn't try the Bifrost with a generic powercord though. Hope this helps.



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Thanks, i now feel like i was misled.  I am probably going to get rid of the DAC*it and compare it to the bifrost.  The DAC*it seems like it is to easily confused by complex passages. Just worried that it is the dac's fualt for that and not lower quality files.  Not sure if it's the dac or the headphone but i am not amused.  the bottom end sounds tight but the rest of the frequencies can sound super mashed up with no body when it gets complex.  This happens a lot during rock music. Another thing that i experienced with with the hd598 and the d2000 was that music sounded really soft.  I am really beginning to wonder if it is the headphones or the dac. The softness can be easy on the ears but it makes every song sound the same.



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I dont have a problem with the DAC.iT or Peachtree, but it wouldnt be the first time that a $500 DAC has failed to 'wow' someone straight out of the box. I also believe that the premise that 'my SB Touch cost much less and sounds just as good !' is a little unfair - most agree that the SB Touch is sensational VFM - but you also need to look at the kit used in the Stereophile review before dismissing the DAC completely. I always ask myself 'Hey, how much of that detail would I hear with my amp/headphones when these guys have a 20K rig around the review item ?'


If you want a DAC with a large number of glowing reviews, google the JKDAC32. Its 500 Euros, making it more expensive than the DAC.iT, but given the money you are already spending on Peachtree and Schiit DACs which dont do the internal USB-SPDIF conversion (fwir - happy to hear otherwise), for me the extra cash seems like a good investment. As always. there is no guarantee that you will agree with the reviewers, but I'm putting it out there anyway. I would give it at least 100 hours and ensure that you follow JK's recommendations to get the best out of it. 


(none of this is a criticism of the Peachtree or the Bifrost - read some of the reviews and you'll see why the USB-SPDIF conversion actually seems to make an audible difference to the end result)

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Well my rig was up to snuff. HD800 and my Kenwood which is nearly identical to my uber-revealing Dynalo amp. Suffice it to say that the dac was the weakest link-and OTOH I clearly heard improvements from the Bifrost. I also beleive that some dacs require a lot of burn in, but 3 straight days showed only subtle (but noticeable) differences with the DacIt. However the Bifrost WAS noticeably better than the Peachtree immediately. Don't get me wrong I wasn't hugely impressed by either dac (they're both gone now)-but a lot of that may have to do with the fact that I used to own a Ref 9, and know firsthand what a TOTL dac is capable of. And as good as the SBT's internal dac is-I still wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Bifrost in conjunction with that, but my opinion is that the DacIt isn't nearly worth the $450 upgrade for maybe a 5% improvement over the SBT, unless it changes DRASTICALLY for the better beyond 72 hours.


FWIW: I'm currently eyeing the M51, Metrum Octave, or another AGD Ref series dac to 'complete' my setup. (Zana Deux currently being built for me)



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My Dac*it has currently been out of the business of converting digital to analog and decided to take a vacation back to Peachtree audio in good old California.  Not sure what happened but i tried everything i could think of to get sound out of it and nothing.  Good ol Peachtree kept their word on the warranty.  Unfortunately i had to pay my own shipping and it came out to $17.  On the slip that i sent out in the box i mentioned my problem with EXCESSIVE amounts of sibilance.  Hopefully the sibilance was an actual problem and not part of the Dac*its nature.  To me, any sibilance at all is not worth paying for.  Especially on something almost $500

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