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My present everyday set-up:



Modified K500 connected balanced (two plugs), a special trick of the anode/cathode output of the Audiotailor Jade. Terrific sound stage and airiness. GEC 6AS7G (or Tung Sol 5998) output tube, Telefunken ECC808 driver tube (with adapter).



The standard K500 has a 1/8-1/4 inch plug, and if you've lost the adapter I've found a replacement. Plug and adapter don't have the usual thread, but a larger one. AKG original to the left, Audio-Technica replacement to the right:





Available from Thomann:



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Hi, I'm thinking of bying the akg k500, but now I don't have the money to buy a good amp. I have a fiio e10k, does someone know if it's enough to have a decent result? I read somewhere that they need a lot of power.

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I Borrowed an AKG K500, and when I had a listen on a Vintaged integrated Amp, of which I did/do add the desperately needed bass from the tone controls. long story short, I have sold my beyer t90s, and I'm planning to smack my hd600 with a price as well, As soon as I find my own pair of these 500s!!!. Im on the hunt

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I drive them with an E12. That definitely is enough power.

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thebrunx: "have sold my beyer t90s, and I'm planning to smack my hd600 with a price as well"


... same story for me. I'm on the way of selling my HD600. Sold K701 already.

What will stay is K400 EP for Rock/Pop and voices (even opera) and K500 EP for the rest of Classical and some instrumental music.

I still have K501. Not sure what to do with them ...

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