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Yup... Another one of These threads.

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Hi, all.

I'm new here. I created my account about 20 minutes ago and In reading over many opinions of headsets I must ask the masses for help in choosing a pair of Headsets.

First, a little history. I first started off very slowly in terms of music, MP3 and headphone choice. "As long as they're loud" was my only criteria when purchasing earphones. When noise canceling earphones came out, I was confused as to how to actually put them in my ear and how they would stay there.

Eventually, in '09 a pair I had (the earphones that came with my iPod) perished by some mysterious manner and I was looking for earphones at a nearby retailer that rhymes with Starget and I purchase these Skullcandy Smokin' Buds.

I had never listened to music on noise canceling earphones before and my mind was blown

Eventually, that pair died tragically at the hand of my evil swivel chair. And so purchased a pair of earphones from what I believed to be a not-so-well known manufacturer called JLab. At first I started off with their J2 and curently have their J3's in my ears.

However, in the time I've had these earphones something started to gnaw at me slowly and eventually progressed to the point that it was uncomfortable for me to have these things in my ears.

So I finally decided to buy Full-size headphones and I bought Sennheiser Hd428's and I had tried them out and was pleased with their noise cancellation and their bass response, so I found a pair on sale for 28 dollars and I bought them.

However, this pair was lost in the mail and it's impossible for me to have full ownership of them now.

I wish I could have owned them and enjoyed them, but the mail system has failed me horribly.

I refuse to buy the same headphones since I'd be paying twice to own one pair of these and so I ask you, the masses, what type of headphone you recommend for me.

I listen to very little classical and rap, I mostly listen to classic rock, electronic music and modern-day rock as well as a somewhat fair amount of folk music.

I am looking for a pair under $120 that provides noise cancellation. I liked the Skullcandy Roc Nation sets, but they do not provide noise cancellation unfortunately and although I liked them, they needed a bit more bass.

I tried Dre Beats and disliked them. Too expensive and they don't seem to offer much at all. Might have just been the pair I tried, who knows?

So any recommendations will be Gladly accepted.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
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I think when you say noise cancellation what you mean is sound isolation.


From here:

noise cancelling:

"Rather than simply playing back the sound that's sent through the cord, these headphones add in some extra tech to actively block out, or more specifically cancel, any noise coming from outside the headphone."


Whereas sound isolation describes how good (or not) a headphone is at keeping the sound in, so that it sounds quiet to those around you.


I think this thread should be of some use to you.


It sounds like you want to be looking for a closed back headphone.


They are slightly out of your budget but a lot of people seem to enjoy the Audio Technica ATH-M50 (though I have no personal experience with these).


Good luck with your search.

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ATH_M50, Sony MDR-NC60, Samson CH700, JVC on ear with NC, Poineer MJ171, Bose AE2, Bose on ear and Denon D1000.

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Hey, thanks so much for the suggestion.

I'll post in that thread for advise. It's why I hate being new to a forum, always do something wrong.

Anyways, thanks again
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Originally Posted by thewolfisnear View Post

Hey, thanks so much for the suggestion.

I'll post in that thread for advise. It's why I hate being new to a forum, always do something wrong.

Anyways, thanks again



There's word that the Sony ZX700's are better than the AudioTechnica M50's, and they're only $76 shipped. Well under your range. Take a shot? If no bueno, they will re-sale like a hot cake here on the forum for sure for people who want them to test/review. Win-win.


Thread about them developing here.


Very best,

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