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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-6 + Speaker Adapter Cable (Probably Last Price Drop = $800)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

It pains me to sell these as they are the best cans I've heard to date. But I have other bills to pay and I am not spending so much time at home, so I need to be content with my HE-5 for a while and let these go. 


They were purchased at the end of April from Headroom, so they are not older than 4 months and as you can see, are in pristine condition. All original accessories will be included.  In addition, I have a speaker pig-tail attachment so that they may be used with typical speaker amps.  The adapter was constructed using a Nuetrik plug, Canare Star-Quad cable, and Cardas solder. 


I am asking $800 shipped to your door and you can choose the carrier (USPS, UPS or Fedex).  I accept payment via PayPal.  If using a payment option other than "gift," please add 3% to cover fees.



Thank you 

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