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Fiio E9 connectivity issues.

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I just got my Fiio E9 Amplifier in the mail after waiting a few weeks.


In my computer i have a X-Fi Titanium HD Soundcard that i wish to use with my F9 but i can't seem to get it to work with the USB cable that came with it the E9.


I am using the Line Out (Left and Right) on my soundcard then using a 3.5mm to the Line In to my E9 Amp however this cable came with my soundcard and now with the E9. Should i even need to use this kind of cable while i have te USB cable?


I thought the Line In on the back of the E9 was just for connection like an MP3 player or similar..


My Sennheiser HD 598 is connected to the amp on the front in the 6.35mm Headphone jack.


When i use this setup i get sound to my headphones although when it's quiet i can hear a breeze in my headphones depending on how high the volume is on the amp. If i lower the volume the breeze gets lower and eventually disappears. Now while i was playing music i unplugged the USB cable on the back of my amp and the music was continuing to play and i thought that the USB cable would be the primary connection from my computer to my amp to transfer the sound..


I don't have any speakers and my entire idea is to use E9 together with my computer (X-Fi Titanium HD) and my HD 598 can's for listening to my music and everyday use.


I am running windows 7


I know that E9 doesn't have a built in DAC but my soundcard has, so im wondering how i should connect my E9 together with my X-fi Titanium HD to get the best possible sound with as little interferences as possible..


Feedback and help would be greatly appreciated :)


Have a nice day!

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I think the USB port on the e9 is only there so you can attach the e7 on the top of it.  I believe how you have it now is the only way you could have it connected.

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Oh i see... well then at least i got it right..  It's a little bit annoying that there is a hiss when i increase the volume i wonder if my cables are the bottleneck..

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I did a sound test in the creative launcher and it turned out that my left came out of my right can and vice versa so i swapped the connectors on my soundcard an that made the disturbance less. That being said, if i crank the volume up while not listening i start to hear a hissing noise into my headphones and i want to believe i could hear this noise while listening to a song in the more quiet parts even if the volume is loud..


Also i have noticed that if i minize windows in Windows 7 or move around i can hear the hissing sound change slightly.. even if im not doing anything that is causing any sound.. I am thinking perhaps i haven't disabled my MOBO itnerated soundcard although it should be disabled but.. i don't see why i get this hiss.. I definitely can't hear it if the volume isn't turned up that high.. but it's annoying that it's there nontheless but perhaps it's all normal?

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